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August, 2023
Live healthy, Episode 3 – Taste matters: Flavor profiles and preferences

(00:00) Introduction
(00:58) Challenges in designing better-for-you beverages
(02:05) Tackling challenges in taste
(03:27) Delivering the right profile direction for Asian consumers
(04:40) Conclusion

August, 2023
Live healthy, Episode 2 – Health and wellness trends

(00:00) Introduction
(01:39) Mintel healthy lifestyle insights
(03:27) Active ingredients, nutrients association in functional claims
(05:15) Efficacy of active ingredients in delivering functional claims
(08:18) Evolution of healthy living space in the future
(11:10) What’s next?

August, 2023
Live healthy, Episode 1 - Consumer behavior shifts in Food & Beverage

(00:00) Introduction
(01:21) APAC healthy aging study
(01:54) The shift to better-for-you products in APAC
(03:30) Key consumer health concerns in APAC
(04:52) Impact on consumer food and beverage choices
(06:14) Translating insights to product innovation
(08:06) What’s next?

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