Our identity / Who we are

Products that appeal to the senses.

Ingredients that are healthy and tasty for the nutrition of people and animals.

Perfume compositions and cosmetics solutions that offer added value with innovative and active ingredients.

We look to the future, take heed of trends and pay attention to what our customers and consumers want. We are continuously expanding our portfolio and collecting knowledge. We secure our economic success by developing solutions that are sustainable in the long term – while keeping our sights on the environment.

And we are proud:

Of our international, highly diverse team, which is on all continents and in all markets. Every team member plays an active role through their entrepreneurial spirit and visionary ideas.

Of the 10,000 raw materials produced around the world through our close cooperation with manufacturers and – where possible and sensible – integrated backward into our value chain.

Of our processes that are both scientifically and economically excellent.

Of our 34,000 innovative products that offer renowned brands an unmistakable character and added value.

And of course we are proud of our commitment to more climate protection, biodiversity and social equality. Because for us, acting sustainably is not only a duty but an aspiration to operate successfully.

The world of the future / That moves us all

People want to meet their basic needs in a safe and reliable way, they need to eat and drink, want to look after themselves and enjoy their lives. But we only have limited resources.

Furthermore, the economy is global – and still it is marked by many regional and even local features in many respects. This is also due in great part to digitalization, which makes many aspects clearer and more individual and ensures greater speed – to which companies must adjust their processes.

Last but not least, the preferences of consumers are also changing rapidly. There has not been a “one-size-fits-all” solution for quite some time now. People demand products that have the smallest possible impact on the environment and simulta-neously have a positive effect on all areas of life.

Our commitment / How we think and act

We must work as a team along the entire value chain. That applies to us at Symrise, where we cooperate in a cross-business manner, work together to unlock potential and produce sustainably.

And we don’t differentiate when it comes to our partners. We work together with our suppliers and partners on equal footing and based on trust in order to reach our common goals. In doing so, we keep our focus on people – the consumers. They tell us what they want and we deliver the best solutions.

And we always act guided by the core of our business model: We want to sustainably ensure the protection of biological diversity. At the same time, we observe our social responsibility toward people and animals. Because only then can we continue to be successful.

Our purpose

We develop sustainable, safe and tailored products that ensure quality of life and provide beauty and well-being.

We are aware of our responsibility for a future-oriented world – and we undertake this task with entrepreneurial spirit, innovative power and optimism.

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always inspiring more...

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