With scientific passion and creative intuition, we engineer the sensorial into the beneficial to create fragrance experiences that enhance well-being and positively lift emotions.

We are shaping a new era in fragrance that is sensual but not superfluous. Where ethical explorations from the lab to the furthest reaches of the land fill the air with possibility, while reducing environmental impact. And when precious raw materials combine with the creativity and passion of collaborating perfumers, scientists, artists and chefs, we see fine fragrance elevated to an avant-garde art form.

With deep insight into consumer expectations of today and their desires for tomorrow, our global teams of top creative talent continually design iconic signature scents that transform the ephemeral into the tangible, engineering the sensorial into the beneficial, delivering better living through scent for consumers around the world.

Symrise Fine Fragrance


With a heritage spanning over 220 years, and a global infrastructure that enables local learning and execution through our Fine Fragrance Creative Centers in Paris, New York, Mexico City, Shanghai, Dubai, São Paulo, Barcelona, Singapore and Mumbai, we are shaping modern perfumery. From the introduction of de Laire bases to the development of the first synthetics, we are taking centuries of fragrance mastery and modernizing them for a new generation.

Today, as the No. 1 supplier of fragrance raw materials, with a rich pipeline of proprietary captives, we create new and exciting scent experiences that challenge the boundaries of scientific reality to positively affect humanity.

Our dedicated 25 collaborative Fine Fragrance perfumers, a unique blend of recognized “Noses,” Master Perfumers and Millennial talent, have created and continue to create some of the most prolific fine fragrances in the world. From DKNY Be Delicious to Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Men, we are shaping a new era in scent that is sensual but not superfluous. A story that’s personal and also provocative. Renowned and respected, with over 40 Fragrance Foundation Awards (FiFi’s) awards globally.

Today, innovation continues to reign; our Perfumers Academy brings together these masters and millennials, transferring senior level experience and expertise as the perfumers of tomorrow hone their craft and signature style while adhering to the traditions of symbiosis and collaboration. And as we launch new de Laire bases that are modern and luxurious, we add them to our family of fragrances that captivate as they create well-being.

Symrise Beauty Care


The beauty experience is both functional and emotional. Details in texture, color, and fragrance are critical as consumer desires are strong and their standards are high. With our Beauty+ program, the unique combination of world-class perfumery with our innovation capabilities as the global leader in premium active cosmetic ingredients, we’re able to harness our deep knowledge of the global consumer journey to forecast trends across established and emerging landscapes of geography, culture, and ethnicity, ensuring innovation enters every aspect of research, product development and marketing.

With unrivaled access to raw materials, pioneering technology, and an exceptional network of global creative talent, we bring the beauty of fragrance to hair care, skincare, cosmetics and cleansing. Each unique and inspirational fragrance composition achieves its own signature identity and desired effect: touching the senses, the soul, and the world.

Symrise Home Care


No matter where in the world you are, home is the most intimate and personal space there is. The fragrance of your home is uniquely yours, an intimate amalgam of sense memories in everything from your towels to your tabletop.

Our longstanding grasp of cross-cultural consumer desires and lifestyles, plus superior sourcing strategies for unique raw materials has created exciting sensory experiences for both fabric and home. Combined with proprietary technologies involving innovative delivery systems such as encapsulation and release technology, fabrics become softer, cleaner, more sensorial with lingering fresh smelling scents. And bathrooms, kitchens and even the air that moves through every room can uplift moods and make your house the place you want to come home to.

Every elegant drop created by our geographically diverse and experienced “community of creative entrepreneurs” has the power to touch the senses, the soul and the world.

Symrise Oral Care


A fresh, clean taste and feel has been a hallmark of our boundary-breaking success in the oral care category for over five decades. More than a flavor, it’s health and wellness, comfort and confidence from the first moment of the day to the last.

For over 50 years we’ve been leaders in the realm of mint research and captives, creating appealing flavors and further sensory solutions that trigger sensory experiences and positive emotions — in effect, shifting oral care to something invigorating and enjoyable. We carefully listen to consumers, targeting them on an emotional level, in order to develop solutions that meet product and brand requirements as well as consumer preferences, globally and cross-generationally.

More than 80% of our work is accomplished with our own raw materials, making the most of industry leading backward integration via Menthol, Anethol, Carvone and Cooling compounds. Moreover, our innovation pipeline is bringing even newer cooling agents and other advanced flavor technologies as well as research into solutions for the future.

For more than three decades, Symrise has been challenging the boundaries of scientific reality in providing creative flavor solutions, under the Optamint® brand name. Some of our refreshing technologies include:

  • Optacool® — Cooling compounds consisting of various cooling substances and in-house developments
  • Optabreeze® — Developed to help clear up nasal passages and increase flavor intensity.
  • Optafresh® — Engineering the sensorial into the beneficial, this combats the bacteria that cause bad breath via selective inhibition.
  • Optaflow® — Encourages saliva production, thereby providing improved mouthfeel and supporting base and flavor performance.
  • Optaguard™ — Supports product preservation by an intelligent selection of aroma molecules, fitting a preferred flavor profile. 
  • Optaburst™ — Specifically designed to give a “pop“ to the overall use experience, it’s an extremely interesting cue of efficacy for non-alcoholic mouthwash solutions.