“While taste remains the top priority for consumers, growing interest in natural, home-cooked food has shifted demand towards more premium and sophisticated ingredient offerings that boast holistic, authentic and intense taste solutions.”

Vinifer Dutia, North America Product Line Director, Naturals BU, Food & Beverage

Creating irresistible experiences for a new era in food

The pace of innovation in culinary food has recently accelerated.

The new era in culinary food comes with global challenges that force product and ingredient manufacturers to act and react accordingly. Challenges related to health, nutrition, sustainability, food price and supply chain disruption affect the market, especially when feeding a growing population. In finding solutions to new challenges, taste remains the universal driver of successful culinary food products.

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Our culinary promise in taste, nutrition and health

What we do

Our culinary promise in taste, nutrition and health

We want to lead the transition into a new era of food, with culinary products that raise the bar for taste, nutrition and health and driven by sustainability as a priority.

As your reliable, trustworthy and flexible partner, we will navigate you through the complex and changing world of culinary taste to help you create irresistible experiences for a broad range of culinary products from affordable to premium.

We are dedicated to capturing the joy of authentic food in our taste solutions while helping to optimize the nutrient profile of your products. We make an impact on the culinary world through our unique network of chefs and culinary experts, as well as our continuous market observation.

Culinary solutions for today's consumer

The culinary market is transforming. Consumers are looking for healthy, nutritious, sustainable, ethical, traceable and affordable food products that are, above all else, tasty and exciting. We use our global expertise and market insights together with chef-driven solutions to support lifestyles and values in the age of the conscious consumer.

Authentic taste solutions

Memorable experiences, authentic tastes and quality ingredients characterize our comprehensive range of solutions.

Application excellence

Product development mastery, from concept, to prototype, to industrialized recipes. Our deep knowledge and experience bring together the best of nature and science.

Culinary chef expertise

Leveraging our vast network of culinary chefs to provide the latest trends from restaurants across the globe.

Market trends and insights

Identifying valuable insights and upcoming trends and translating them into the innovative and inspiring products of tomorrow.

Sensory tools

Applying sensory and consumer research tools to understand preference drivers and validate winning products.

Global regulatory support

Navigating the complex regulatory landscape, from global to local, to determine market-relevant labeling and on-pack claims with our best-in-class regulatory service.

The culinary world in motion

Our world is in a state of constant flux. Changes in our diets have a direct impact on ecosystems and supply chains around the world. With global populations on the rise, we strive to find ways to provide nutritious and sustainable food for all.

Alternative protein products

Alternative protein products

Through our food matrix mastery and local expertise, we develop winning plant-based solutions with superior flavors and textures in our areas of alternative protein competence:

  • Masking solutions to balance off-notes
  • Authentic vegan meat taste (Beef, chicken, pork, fish/seafood and more.)
  • Vegetable taste, including backwards integrated and organic suitable ingredients from diana food™ portfolio
  • Visual appeal and texture expertise
  • All solutions available in a wide range of labeling options
Ready meals and meal kits

Ready meals and meal kits

Our culinary expertise and consumer knowledge drive innovation in crafting finished sauces and seasonings for ready meals and meal kits that offer more plant-based options to support vegetarian and vegan diets. And with our North American GiraffeFood™ capabilities, we provide a variety of packaging solutions for meal kits too.

Processed meat

Processed meat

Our specially developed SymTaste™ portfolio delivers a full set of flavors, seasonings and ingredients for processed meat across all Symrise competence areas — from herbs and spices to onion, smoke and authentic meat flavors. Our capabilities include:

  • Protein Center of Excellence: State-of-the-art meat processing equipment for rapid prototyping
  • Technological meat know-how
  • 360° processed meat application
  • Flavor competence for meat applications
  • Match of production processes
  • Replication of large-scale productions
  • Tailor-made development and application
  • Flavor functionality and heat stability tests
Instant noodles

Instant noodles

From authentic chicken noodles to unique culinary creations, the instant noodle category is driven by the latest innovative consumer trends and popular flavors. Our wide portfolio of taste solutions delivers consumer-preferred superior taste and exciting chef-inspired flavors that meet consumer demand for healthier, salt reduced products.

Sauces, seasonings and dressings

Sauces, seasonings and dressings

Sauces and seasonings are an easy way to spice up meat-analogue products, like vegan patties.

Through our line of Symrise, diana food™ and IDF® products, we provide innovative ingredient solutions for cooking sauces, table sauces, ketchup, plant-based mayonnaise, dips and dry seasonings. Our symlife™ taste balancing portfolio allows us to meet all market needs for health and nutrition in the sauces, seasonings, and dressings category. We can also craft custom finished sauces, dressings and more through our North American GiraffeFood™ capabilities

Learn more about Giraffe Food

Soups and bouillons

Soups and bouillons

Today’s soups and bouillons benefit from rich and authentic taste and natural ingredients. Our range of solutions unlock superior meat and vegetable taste, from high-intensity flavors, to kitchen-like ingredients that satisfy the varying needs of consumers around the world, including authentic vegan meat solutions. Symrise specializes in developing solutions for fresh, chilled, canned and dehydrated soups that incorporate organic certified ingredients for your soup products with the support of backward-integrated ingredients from diana food™ and IDF®.

Learn more about our chicken solutions

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Get in touch

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Innovative solutions for every culinary need

Our comprehensive and competitive portfolio consists of market-led solutions backed by science and technology. We are experts in applying and leveraging taste solutions to create culinary experiences consumers crave.

Chicken and meat products

We deliver the authentic taste of meat to match culinary targets and regional preferences. Our solutions cover every application, from the diana food™ and IDF® portfolios of sustainable ingredients, to taste solutions for chicken, beef and processed-meat as well as authentic-tasting vegan meat solutions.

Our sustainable and fully traceable, natural raw chicken ingredients are available with organic, animal-welfare, halal and local provenance certifications.


Vegetable taste is essential for most culinary creations.
Every dish preparation starts with vegetables, adding culinary complexity through sautéing onion and carrots; or through the addition of herbs and spices.

Consumers prioritize great taste but will always prefer products with “natural” or “organic” vegetable claims.
The type of ingredients used, their origin, sustainability and preparation method all factor into their purchase decision.

Using proprietary and innovative technologies, as well as gentle processes, we deliver a broad spectrum of vegetable taste solutions: From high-impact flavors to organic-certified juice concentrates that amplify natural tastes with distinctive and delicious flavor profiles.

At Symrise, our sustainable practices include:

  • Our in-house team of agronomists working closely with farmers to careful select fields and optimum varieties to deliver the best taste.
  • Ensuring the best agricultural practices and guaranteeing high quality standards to deliver the diana food™ portfolio of vegetable ingredients.
  • Developing a range of upcycled ingredients that minimize waste and environmental impact.

Fish and seafood

As consumer demand for seafood flavors continues to increase, plant-based seafood is on the rise. Symrise offers a range of fish and seafood taste solutions for delicious vegan applications. From natural fish to plant-based products, we are creating delightful taste experiences by elevating the umami taste in seafood. Our restaurant quality tastes include tuna, salmon, white fish and are inspired by popular dishes, such as lobster ramen and mentaiko tonkotsu noodles.

Taste balancing

Over the past decades, consumers, retailers, and regulators have grown increasingly aware of the detrimental health effects associated with high sugar, sodium, and fat intake. While government bodies and health institutions advocate a reduction in these, taste continues to drive consumer preference.

At Symrise, we support the lifestyles and values of the conscious consumer, through our science-driven, great-tasting, healthy solutions, including:

  • Optimizing the overall taste profile of products that are low in sugar, sodium or fat
  • Umami
  • Mouthfeel
  • Juiciness
  • Masking
  • Protein optimization

Herbs and spices

Consumers love familiar flavors, from garden herbs to spice compounds and culinary seasonings.

We provide a range of taste profiles, including: ethnic and regional spice compounds, single herb or spice extracts and fried Sunspice™ oils.

Specialty tastes

Our comprehensive regulatory knowledge gives Symrise a deep understanding of the relationship between current flavors and application permissibility to offer a perfectly balanced smoke and specialty portfolio:

  • Grill
  • Smoke and smoked foods
  • Alcoholic notes (Wine and whiskey)
  • Fermented and pickled notes
  • Vegan egg
  • Soy sauce and vinegar

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