We craft the delicious ideas behind the most popular foods and beverages and inspire the eating and drinking habits of tomorrow

As experts in food and beverage tradition, trends and preferences, we know that consumers today are looking for more natural and healthy consumption options that still taste great.

We develop differentiated natural ingredients and create tailor-made solutions that meet consumer needs for naturalness and provide signature experiences. It is our mission to fulfill consumer desire for great tasting products while supporting their health and nutritional goals. Through our taste, nutrition and health solutions, we add spice to life.


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Our unique approach

As consumers become savvier about what they eat and drink, they are looking for food and beverages that go beyond a great taste experience. They want healthy and nutritious products that are good for them and the planet.

We know our customers, and the challenges they face, inside and out. Based on our deep consumer understanding, our scientific expertise as well as our responsible and sustainable sourcing approach, we create holistic and innovative solutions that respond to evolving consumer needs. Customers around the globe rely on us to deliver more natural, healthy and well-being options, while positively impacting the planet thanks to our full stream valorization initiatives. Our differentiated offerings cover a wide range of great-tasting sustainable solutions, nutritional benefits and solutions for health and well-being, helping bodies and minds to thrive.

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Our focus areas


We create flavors from herbs and vegetables, meat and seafood, wines and vinegars and balancing solutions for sauces, soups, ready-made meals and other culinary products. We seek to provide unique everyday experiences, prized by our customers and savored by consumers who, more and more, are looking for the benefits of natural, home-cooked foods. Our broad and unique collection of culinary solutions is based on natural and high-quality raw materials to meet the high standards of our customers.

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Through a combination of our expertise in responsibly sourcing natural raw materials and scientific know-how, we ensure long-term success for beverage products; from tea, coffee, juice, cola and citrus drinks, to beer, wine, spirits and liqueurs. We deliver innovative ingredients with nutritional properties, health benefits and new sensorial experiences. Our solutions will also support our customers in developing winning products for drink categories, such as energy, sport, instant, syrups and ‘water+’.

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Based on current and upcoming market trends, we help our customers design and transform their snack products including chips, crackers, nuts and popcorn through impactful and inspiring seasoning mixes. The wide range of natural ingredients in our portfolio improve sensorial functionalities such as taste, texture and visual appeal, while delivering on consumer demand for healthy snacks with nutritional benefits, traceability and sustainability.

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Whether we are breathing new life into classic vanilla or finding natural ways to elevate the mighty and popular strawberry, we stay at the forefront of exciting new dairy developments for yoghurts, dairy drinks, desserts and ice creams, as well as dairy alternatives. We offer new and natural ways to elevate flavor, texture and health benefits without compromising on pleasure.

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We deliver delightful ingredient solutions for confectionery, baked goods, cereals, candy, chocolates and chewing gums. Our deep understanding of the market enables us to provide our customers with solutions that improve taste, texture and visual appeal to fulfill a range of consumer desires, from pure enjoyment to healthy and natural eating.

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Baby food

For more than 30 years, we have been devoted to providing safe and nutritional solutions to the baby food industry. Our products come from carefully selected raw material sources (fruits, vegetables, honey, meat and fish), using gentle processing to provide taste, nutrition and texture functionalities for wet and dry baby food end products. We have developed in-house agronomy expertise to ensure traceability and transparency in our agricultural practices. And because parents always want the safest and cleanest food for their babies, we continuously innovate to provide the best from nature to future generations.

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Consumer health

We deliver standardized natural and clean-label health solutions that are clinically proven and supported by robust science. Working hand-in-hand with farmers, our core competency consists of identifying the best actives and nutrients inherent in the raw material, whether it is fruit, vegetable or chicken. We extract, concentrate and standardize these actives to address key consumer well-being and health concerns, including immunity, women’s well-being, sports nutrition and cognitive health. Whether we are creating dietary supplements or functional food, we help our customers win consumer trust by supporting them in creating successful natural health-claim products that are fully clean-label and traceable. On top of that, we provide the most effective flavor and masking solutions to make consumer health care as tasty as possible.

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Our natural offering

Delivering the best from nature

code of nature™ is our holistic approach to supporting food and beverage manufacturers in mastering the challenges related to developing natural products.

It is designed to decode consumer trends and connects these insights with responsibly and sustainably sourced ingredients as well as carefully selected natural raw materials that we treat with gentle, kitchen-like processes. Symrise’s regulatory consulting capabilities provide guidance in a complex and diverse regulatory landscape to create labels consumers understand and trust.

We support manufacturers by providing them with high-quality and sustainably grown ingredients and flavors – such as fruits, vegetables, chicken and meat, vanilla and botanicals, wine and vinegars – to develop great tasting natural products.

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