The Symrise Group was formed in 2003 with the merger of Haarmann & Reimer and Dragoco

With the roots of both companies stretching back as far as 1874, we draw on a rich heritage of innovation and excellence. In 2006, we went public on the German Stock Exchange as the biggest European IPO of the year and have spent the subsequent over ten years ambitiously building on our history of success.


Foundation of our company and first synthesis of vanillin


The Symrise Group is formed


Symrise IPO on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange


€ 28.5bn

The flavor and fragrance market size 2017.
The four largest providers, which include Symrise, together have a market share of about 50 %.

[Sources: IAL, TechNavio, GIA]

Some of our milestones

Notable recent acquisitions

Diana acquisition: expanding our position in the flavor and nutrition market through natural well-being solutions

With this acquisition we significantly diversified our portfolio for natural ingredients, tapped into new business segments and strengthened our raw material supply.

It was another milestone to continue our profitable growth.

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Pinova Holdings acquisition: expanding our Scent & Care capabilities

In 2015, we acquired Pinova Holdings, a leading supplier of natural and renewable ingredients used mainly in the production of perfumes, fragrances and oral care products.

As natural and renewable raw materials become increasingly important for the fragrance industry, the acquisition complements our current portfolio while allowing us to expand into attractive new market segments.

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