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Our aroma molecules bring a special, sensorial spark to thousands of flavor and fragrance experiences every day, all over the world

Every high-performing, high-impact ingredient that we make is inspired by innovative ideas, fueled by creative passion and elevated by sustainable practices. Whether we’re working with perfumers, flavorists or industrial customers, our mission remains the same: to deliver unforgettable, market-leading solutions.



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Sustainable success through remarkable renewables

Sustainable success
through remarkable

Increasing the sustainability and backward integration of our supply chain are fundamental to securing long-term success for both our business and our customers

We draw on our heritage of scientific expertise, creative ingenuity and commitment to green chemistry​​​​​ to develop solutions for some of the world’s best-known brands.

By using naturally occurring, renewable and sustainable feedstocks, we produce integral components for a diverse range of earth-friendly products.

To this day, we are one of the few manufacturers to make anethole, linalools, and various other widely used fragrance ingredients from renewable materials.

Renewables in focus: ‘The fragrance of forests’

Symrise is one of the largest producers of fragrance ingredients from natural and renewable feedstocks. Examples of our key raw materials are crude sulfate turpentine, a byproduct from the pulp & paper industry, and D-limonene a byproduct from the citrus industry. We are proud of providing sustainable alternatives to the industry for over 100 years.

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Symrise leads the way with sustainable forest product certification

Continuing with the focus of sourcing raw materials sustainably, Symrise becomes the first fragrance and flavor ingredients producer to achieve Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)* Chain of Custody (CoC) certification from ingredients derived from forest products. The eco-credential breaks new ground by considering environmental and social responsibility for users of fragrances and flavors derived from the forest.

* FSC®-C139971

Environmentally-friendly innovation

‘Green chemistry’ refers to chemistry and chemical engineering that minimizes pollution, negates the need for nonrenewable resources and reduces the use/generation of hazardous substances

Our overarching goal is always to meet the demands and expectations of our customers and consumers. By placing the principles of green chemistry at the heart of our strategy, we’re able to deliver sustainable molecules, materials, products and processes that are also more resource-efficient and inherently safer.

Menthols: green chemistry in action

Menthols are the most well-known physiological coolants, and we’ve been producing market-leading menthol products for over four decades now. We combine this unparalleled experience with a commitment to green chemistry that ensures continual improvements to the way we responsibly manufacture this sought-after ingredient.

It all starts with the security of our supply: our backwardly integrated, global supply chain and safe raw material base allow us to produce consistent, standardized quality 365 days a year, independent from nature’s unpredictability. We’re able then to focus our efforts on minimizing the amounts of water and energy we consume and the amount of waste we produce.

The result is long-term supply contracts, price stability and a built-in sustainable future.

L-Carvone: our patented green chemistry component

L-Carvone provides a refreshingly spearmint experience. It is widely used in oral care and confectionary products, as well as flavors and fragrances.

The component is made from renewable D-Limonene and utilizes a unique technology that leaves production free of chlorides and compounds containing nitrogen.

In comparison to traditional methods, our patented process eliminates 8 million kilograms of waste water per one million kilograms of Carvone produced.

High impact molecules – in it to win it

High impact molecules –
in it to win it

Our high impact materials unite sustainability, variety and power within exceptional single molecules. The result is multi-functionality for a range of fragrance and flavor creations

Our high impact range shouts, here I am! Brimming with multiple, unique characteristics, they shine a spotlight on our ability to develop innovative solutions for flavor and fragrance applications.Dr Stefan Lambrecht, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing

Our fruity high impact range in focus


“Sultanene is a very efficient aroma molecule that adds effects of juiciness and fully ripe fruits.”
Clito Hödicke, Master Perfumer, Symrise Mexico

This top note booster is notable for its ability to add outstanding tropical fruit effects and floral richness with a recommended use level from trace up to 1%. As Maurice Roucel, our Master Perfumer in France says,“Sultanene pushes the fruitiness of any creation with an impressive cost/price efficacy.”


Mandaril offers a citrus, mandarin odor reminiscent of coriander leaf, able to perform in a wide variety of applications thanks to its strength and stability. It enhances fruity fragrances, and extends the characteristics of both fresh top notes and heart notes. At low dosage levels, it can be used to boost the juiciness of mandarin and orange notes.


Naturalness, strength and stability: Filbertone is a suitable ingredient for underlining all of these qualities. It occurs in nature and offers a distinctive hazelnut, fruity odor profile.

With its impressive diffusivity performance and high impact benefits, Filbertone can be used in a wide variety of fragrance compositions to enhance fruity notes, build complexity in citrus accords and round off rose, sandalwood and gourmet concepts. What’s more, its use level ranges from 0.002% to 2%.

As a flavoring substance, Filbertone is typically used between 1ppb and 50ppm. It creates a distinctive hazelnut character at higher-use levels, adds volume to brown flavors and richness to exotic fruit flavors.

Inspiring sensations


Our highly esteemed menthols and Symcool® products aim to elevate and stimulate the senses going beyond flavor and scent

With scientific passion and creative intuition, Symrise has created the broadest menthol and coolants portfolio, and has perfected fresh and clean sensations to satisfy consumer demand for unique, invigorating, and refreshing flavors.

The Symcool® range offers odorless and flavorless cooling that goes beyond freshness, it defines and enhances flavors like cinnamon spice, citrus, and others.

Our menthols and Symcool® products can help create a unique sensory experience that will inspire consumers in a variety of applications from confectionary, to oral care, to pharmaceuticals, and more.

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