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thinking beyond tomorrowRead more

thinking beyond tomorrow

An interview with Heinz-Jürgen Bertram on topics including the course of business, the pillars of success and the company’s inclusion in the DAX.

Proteins? But without meat!Read more

Proteins? But without meat!

A rapidly expanding global market: Vegan and vegetarian alternatives to meat, fish and dairy products are booming.

Humans as ecosystemsRead more

Humans as ecosystems

Symrise has developed special products to focus on the human microbiome. This offers unimagined possibilities.

Taste can be learnedRead more

Taste can be learned

In its own academy for flavorists, Symrise trains experts for three years who later work successfully in product development.

Sustainability is here to stayRead more

Sustainability is here to stay

Symrise is working on a sustainable future with commitment and innovative strength, says CSO Bernhard Kott in an interview.

Vegetable diversityRead more

Vegetable diversity

One raw material, many uses: Three experts from different divisions discuss synergies.

Everything flowsRead more

Everything flows

Biodegradable fragrance ingredients from nature: To achieve this goal, Symrise relies on methods that include green chemistry.

Diversity as the key to successRead more

Diversity as the key to success

In her first interview as the company’s new global head of HR, Katharina Dürbaum explains how Symrise will work in 2030.

3x3 NewsRead more

3x3 news

Brief insights into three topics, from different areas that moved Symrise in 2021.

Creating added valueRead more

Creating added value

Symrise produces a range of fragrances and flavors from the byproducts of other industries. It doesn’t get more sustainable than this.

A commitment to sustainabilityRead more

A commitment to sustainability

In Brazil, Symrise has built an education center at its Granja Viana site near São Paulo, which will primarily benefit schoolchildren from the surrounding area.

Staying on the safe sideRead more

Staying on the safe side

With Symsafe, Symrise is rolling out a major campaign across the Group to strengthen occupational safety in the company.

Embracing Naturalness in a changing worldRead more

Embracing naturalness in a changing world

Consumers are taking control under Covid, adding health, creativity and wellbeing to mealtimes.

Orange the worldRead more

Orange the world

A shared apartment, four roommates and a party. One ingredient that’s always around: the multitalented orange.

A World Tour Through ScentRead more

A world tour through scent

Come with us and explore 11 different countries.

Green chemistry: the power and the possibilitiesRead more

Green chemistry: the power and the possibilities

Transforming natural and renewable by-products into high quality ingredients. From orange peel to oral care. Production of authentic-tasting concentrates.

The rise of 'pet parenting'Read more

The rise of 'pet parenting'

How to stay at the forefront of an evolving pet food and pet care industry.

Cracking the Code of NatureRead more

Cracking the code of nature

It’s six-thirty on a Tuesday evening and William, a content strategist in London, is waiting patiently to maneuver his shopping kart into the first aisles of his busy, local supermarket.