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150 shades of innovation

Shaping and innovating our industry since 1874

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Responsibility is in our nature

An interview with Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Bertram, Chief Executive Officer of Symrise, about the reasons for the company’s success and its strategy for the future.

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Sustainability is deeply rooted

Chief Sustainability Officer Bernhard Kott explains in an interview how Symrise succeeded in achieving its ambitious sustainability goals earlier than planned and how the company will become even more sustainable in the future.

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The cornerstone of a global enterprise

In the beginning there was vanillin: a brief history of Symrise, whose origins go back 150 years.

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As holistically as possible

Symrise has created a network of around 7,000 farmers in Madagascar, allowing the company to source 36 raw materials sustainably and reliably. But the farmers and nature benefit from this special partnership as well.

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Commitment on all levels

In accordance with the Low-Carbon Transition Plan, Symrise has taken a variety of measures to make the entire Group climate neutral by 2045.

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Waste-free & degradable

Symrise produces its Globanone® musk fragrance at Bushy Park in South Carolina. In doing so, the company applies the principles of green chemistry, which make the production process more efficient and the product more sustainable.

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Bring on the future

Symrise wants to further reduce its carbon emissions. In pursuit of its goals, the company has launched the Houston program, which helps calculate the carbon and water footprint across the Group and raises employee awareness of sustainability.

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Great benefit for the future

The trendscope™ 2024+ report for the food and beverage industry is a prime example of how Symrise analyzes trends in all segments and puts them into practice to create value.

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From service provider to strategic business partner

Human resources activities at Symrise will change in the coming years to put the company in an even better position for the future. An interview with Dr. Stephanie Coßmann, President Human Resources and Legal.

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From the field to the laboratory and back

The work of the Agroscience research department focuses on new methods of cultivating, harvesting and processing plant-based raw materials. Insights into an innovative world.

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Healthy development

Bioactive ingredients for use in healthcare products offer enormous growth opportunities. Symrise has pooled its expertise in this area and developed a vision and strategy.

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Facets of sustainability

From India to Madagascar to Holzminden: Symrise complies with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals throughout the Group, as evidenced by several examples from 2023.

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Faster, higher, farther

The IGNITE program, which was initiated in the Taste, Nutrition & Health segment, will help Symrise speed up the development of products and solutions in the future so that they reach market maturity more quickly.

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Less CO₂ with the same effect

Perfumer Anne Dussourt is working together with the Symrise sustainability team on reducing the carbon footprint of the company’s fragrance creations.

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Embracing traditions, shaping the future

Symrise has revived the southern French brand Maison Lautier, which is more than 150 years old and incorporated it into its portfolio. A visit to the cradle of perfurmery.

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Pure refreshment

Symrise sources mint oils from the USA which, in addition to nature-identical L-menthol, L-carvone and a variety of mint derivatives, are used as cooling and flavoring substances. A report.

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The beauty of deep red

Symrise is the first company in the industry to use hibiscus from verified sustainable sources.

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Positively into the future

Symrise established its own climate strategy at a very early stage. The Group wants to be climate-neutral starting in 2030.

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Egg experts

Symrise acquired Dutch company Schaffelaarbos in 2022. In a functioning circular economy, the company produces high-quality products for the pet food industry from egg production sidestreams.

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Sustainability at the core of our actions

Symrise has ambitious goals when it comes to sustainability. An interview with Chief Sustainability Officer Bernhard Kott.

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All for one, one for all

Former competitors Groupe Néroli and SFA Romani merge under one roof at Symrise.

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One of a kind

Sustainably produced captives are used as patented fragrance components to protect the compositions in fragrance combinations.

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Creating resources with the circular economy

In this interview, Symrise CEO Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Bertram explains why the 2022 fiscal year was a success despite all the crises and reports on the company’s ambitious plans for the future.

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3x3 news

Here you’ll find important and exciting information in brief about partnerships, sustainable projects and products.

thinking beyond tomorrowRead more

thinking beyond tomorrow

An interview with Heinz-Jürgen Bertram on topics including the course of business, the pillars of success and the company’s inclusion in the DAX.

Vegetable diversityRead more

Vegetable diversity

One raw material, many uses: Three experts from different divisions discuss synergies.

Humans as ecosystemsRead more

Humans as ecosystems

Symrise has developed special products to focus on the human microbiome. This offers unimagined possibilities.

Sustainability is here to stayRead more

Sustainability is here to stay

Symrise is working on a sustainable future with commitment and innovative strength, says CSO Bernhard Kott in an interview.

Creating added valueRead more

Creating added value

Symrise produces a range of fragrances and flavors from the byproducts of other industries. It doesn’t get more sustainable than this.

Taste can be learnedRead more

Taste can be learned

In its own academy for flavorists, Symrise trains experts for three years who later work successfully in product development.

3x3 NewsRead more

3x3 news

Brief insights into three topics, from different areas that moved Symrise in 2021.

Proteins? But without meat!Read more

Proteins? But without meat!

A rapidly expanding global market: Vegan and vegetarian alternatives to meat, fish and dairy products are booming.

Staying on the safe sideRead more

Staying on the safe side

With Symsafe, Symrise is rolling out a major campaign across the Group to strengthen occupational safety in the company.

Everything flowsRead more

Everything flows

Biodegradable fragrance ingredients from nature: To achieve this goal, Symrise relies on methods that include green chemistry.

A commitment to sustainabilityRead more

A commitment to sustainability

In Brazil, Symrise has built an education center at its Granja Viana site near São Paulo, which will primarily benefit schoolchildren from the surrounding area.

Vitamin bombRead more

Vitamin bomb

Symrise is launching the very first fair-trade acerola powder, which is cultivated organically in northeastern Brazil.

Orange the worldRead more

Orange the world

A shared apartment, four roommates and a party. One ingredient that’s always around: the multitalented orange.

Green chemistry: the power and the possibilitiesRead more

Green chemistry: the power and the possibilities

Transforming natural and renewable by-products into high quality ingredients. From orange peel to oral care. Production of authentic-tasting concentrates.

The rise of 'pet parenting'Read more

The rise of 'pet parenting'

How to stay at the forefront of an evolving pet food and pet care industry.

Cracking the Code of NatureRead more

Cracking the code of nature

It’s six-thirty on a Tuesday evening and William, a content strategist in London, is waiting patiently to maneuver his shopping kart into the first aisles of his busy, local supermarket.

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The farmers in focus

Symrise enters into sustainable supply-chain partnerships in areas around the world where the company sources many of its raw materials. Three examples.

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Scents you and your pet will agree on

A joint Group project combines its know-how of care, cosmetics and household cleaners to create products that make people and their pets equally happy.

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Rebirth of a long-standing brand

Symrise is revitalizing the French brand Maison Lautier, which has belonged to the Group since the mid-1990s, for the innovative sustainable natural substance portfolio of the Scent & Care segment.

Embracing Naturalness in a changing worldRead more

Embracing naturalness in a changing world

Consumers are taking control under Covid, adding health, creativity and wellbeing to mealtimes.

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On the road to an eco-friendly factory

In 2020, the Symrise Nutrition business unit Diana Pet Food opened its first production plant in Colombia. The plant is especially sustainable and provides a look into the future of manufacturing.

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Six steps to success

Plant extracts are being intensively researched, analyzed and brought to market in a six-step process. Chamomile provides just one example.

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Second life

Symrise has implemented the first application of Sulfacid® technology in the fragrance and flavor industry. Exhaust fumes from production are desulfurized at the plant in Jacksonville, Florida. The environment benefits from this and Symrise also saves on costs.

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Bittersweet and multitalented

In the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal grows a fruit whose flavor and fragrance is used in food and beverages, cosmetics, household cleaning products and perfumes: the grapefruit. The company is dedicated to working closely with suppliers of the agricultural sector in the region.

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A hemp success story

At the “Hemp Day,” Symrise demonstrated how the ever more important raw material can be sustainably cultivated and processed.

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The fragrance of forests

Renessenz, as part of Pinova Holdings, puts Symrise's raw material base in the Aroma Molecules business unit on a new footing.

A mighty little flowerRead more

A mighty little flower

Clove is an important raw material for Symrise. The company has developed a process in Indonesia that conserves resources when cultivating the spice.

Rating: extremely valuableRead more

Rating: extremely valuable

The concept of the circular economy is growing in importance worldwide. In many areas, Symrise is applying principles that take byproducts of production and use them to manufacture valuable products.

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Ecologically optimized

The eco-design matrix developed by Diana Pet Food analyzes, measures and optimizes the environmental performance of products all along the value chain. This changes the company’s environmental footprint, from the development of raw materials to purchasing, research and development, production and logistics.

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Fragrances from big data

Symrise developed two perfumes for the Brazilian cosmetics giant O Boticário – nothing new – and the creative process was supported by algorithms and artificial intelligence. The “Philyra” project gives us a glimpse into the future.

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The cultivation specialists

Symrise is collaborating with supplier Van Aroma in Indonesia to secure sustainable agriculture and thus the future of patchouli farmers.

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Favorite fragrance

Symrise is working with the CRIEPPAM research institute and local farmers to promote the sustainable cultivation of lavender in Provence.

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Bergamot á la Symrise

Symrise is banking on sustainability and protecting biodiversity in its purchasing of this raw material.

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Entrepreneurial spirit and innovation

A perfect acquisition: The British company Cobell is strengthening Symrise’s position in the UK market.

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All about the berries

Diana Food produces standardized cranberry extracts and powders in Canada. A glimpse into a sustainable value chain.

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Fine fish food

Aquacultures are growing around the world. Diana Aqua ensures the nutrition and wellbeing of fish with its products.

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Queen of the kitchen

One of the most important raw materials is the onion. Symrise aims to be the global leader in diversity, quality and sustainability.

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Innovative spirit

At Symrise, good ideas are born where people work together every day. In Holzminden, a team has optimized the processes in spray drying.

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Everything’s bananas!

Diana Food produces excellent quality fruit and vegetable powders, flakes and purees in Ecuador.

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Of bees and biodiversity

Symrise has bulid up a beekeeping very close to its headquarters in Holzminden.

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New raw materials and products from the diversity of nature

Symrise has been sourcing vanilla from Madagascar directly from producers since 2004.

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Fragrances for the world

Perfumes arouse emotions, emphasize a style and often round out the entire personality.

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Social petwork

Diana Pet Food has participated financially in the social network Yummypets in 2016.

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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Innovative flavor compositions and novel scent and care experiences are created at Symrise when teams from different divisions work together.

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Endless diversity

In the species-rich Amazon region of Brazil, Symrise identifies new raw materials to develop products for the global cosmetics market.

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Latino America

Taste and scent. What preferences do Hispanics have? With "Conexión Latina" and "Sabor in America," Symrise is developing suitable products.

Cat eatingRead more

A science in its own right

What do cats and dogs like to eat best? In expert panels, Diana Pet Food investigates the taste preferences of the four-legged friends and the quality of the food.

A World Tour Through ScentRead more

A world tour through scent

Come with us and explore 11 different countries.

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Purely a matter of taste

Feed for animals in aquacultures must be healthy, nutritious and tasty at the same time. At Diana Aqua’s new Aqualis test center in Thailand, employees are developing innovative functional components.