The many facets of beauty & care: Cosmetic Ingredients

Beauty is more diverse than ever. It is about character and values, about distinction and self-esteem: Today, beauty means to feel confident in your own skin.

Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients fully embraces this contemporary concept of beauty and its countless facets. Our newly created branding reflects this novel perception and breathes life into an approach to beauty that is broader than ever.

It is a concept that confirms the ability of this division of Symrise to harmonize the best of nature, science and technology towards consumer expectations, responding to trends, and therefore to develop and deliver outstanding solutions for what is today´s interpretation of beauty and care.

It is also a concept with no contradictions, a concept that emphasizes the identity, beliefs and values of Cosmetic Ingredients: The importance of protecting our planet. Respect, diversity and tolerance. A sustainable way of life and of doing business. Integrity and resilience.

All this is reflected not only in our daily behavior as individuals and as a division, but also through a new ambassador who authentically shares our values and who at the same time is “our new face“ to provide an iconic visual to each of our product categories, showing the overall diversity and unity — the Ying & Yang of Cosmetic Ingredients.

One face, many facets. One passionate team, countless ideas and solutions for consumers all over the world:

Welcome to join our world: Cosmetic Ingredients by Symrise.

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Domitila Barros, Brand Ambassador
I am deeply impressed by the great social and environmental commitment of Symrise. This cooperation is a perfect match: We share the same values and understanding of modern, sustainable and responsible beauty care.Domitila Barros, Brand Ambassador
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Making-of - the photoshoot

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The new face of Cosmetic Ingredients

Activist, model, entrepreneur: Domitila Barros

Domitila Barros was born in 1984 and grew up in a favela in Recife, Brazil: no schools, no hospitals, no police stations, no play- grounds. In 1983, her parents founded the non-governmental organization CAMM (Centro De Atendimento a Meninos e Meninas), a project for street children. Domitila became involved in the project as a young woman and is now the project’s Global Ambassador. In 2000, she was awarded the UN Millennium Dreamer Award by the UN and presented her proposals to the UN commission.

In 2017, she founded her own sustainable beachwear and eco jewelry label “sheisfromthejungle”. The label works with local artisans from Brazil; some of the workers are single mothers and young women from the slums who have lost their husbands through violence and crime. The hand-crafted swimwear and organic jewelry, which is made of plant-based gold, give them the opportunity to work independently from home and earn their own income. This social and financial inclusion of women is at the center of Domitila ́s work and the main motivation behind her fair fashion line. 10% of all profits go to the Brazilian street children project CAMM.

Domitila now lives in Berlin, Germany. She holds a master’s degree in political and social sciences and works as a consultant and motivational coach, as an actor, presenter and model.

When asked about her profession, Domitila will always reply “ARTivist” — an artist and activist at the same time. In both her private and professional life Domitila stands for values like sustainability, diversity, integrity as well as a respect for nature, for fair trade and fair working conditions.

A true ambassador for Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients and their values.