Symrise Scent & Care offers an array of beautifully unique capabilities and approaches in the areas of Sustainability, Open Innovation and Backwards Integration, as well as meaningful and effective ways to generate the Consumer Insights, which steer all of our development and innovation efforts. Sophisticated and truly valuable, our innovations and solutions are able to expertly manage all aspects of our customers’ projects from start to finish as they fill the air with possibility.


Symrise sustainability


Sustainable, responsible sourcing, continually reducing our footprint, increased traceability and social responsibility. These are the tenants of our official Sustainable Sourcing Policy, fulfilling our consumers’ desire for a sustainable future.

Guided by our four track FISC (Footprint, Innovation, Sourcing, Care) strategy, our sustainability efforts not only minimize the impact on the environment, but maximize wellbeing within the communities that provide the raw ingredients we are using in our processes.

From our backward integration efforts, as seen in our acquisition of Renessenz, to our social inclusion programs in Madagascar and the Amazon that bring us in close cooperation with vital natural materials suppliers, our commitment to sustainability is unwavering.

The world, and our business, depend on sustainability. We monitor our actions with the Symrise Raw Material Scorecard, and our strategies and actions are guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Additionally, through cooperation and certification with the Union for Ethical Bio-Trade, which offers a third-party validation, we ensure to always practice what we preach.

Symrise backwards integration


Symrise is the world’s No.1 supplier of fragrance raw materials, and with that status comes the responsibility to proactively embrace the three major trends that are redefining the global fragrance industry.

Sustainability—it’s important to us, our consumers and the consumers of their brands, who want to purchase ethically and responsibly, Transparency—consumers want to know what is in the bottle they’re buying, and Traceability—they want to know where those ingredients were sourced and how they were processed.

As a result of our acquisition of Renessenz, we are shaping a new era in fragrance. Our industry leading backwards integration has been enhanced as we’ve increased the accessibility of renewables in the Perfumers' palette as well as developed unique, high quality, proprietary natural materials. In Madagascar, for example, our natural materials program brings vanilla, ginger, clove leaf oil, geranium, and more to the market with complete oversight from plant to product. We call this program “From Source to Scent.”

Symrise technologies


Our expertise in Scent & Care is most notable in the capabilities of our research teams. Our scientists push the boundaries of creativity by working with the most cutting-edge equipment, often developed within our own company. By working with the brightest minds in perfumery science, we have access to a broad spectrum of in-depth knowledge – ranging from analytical chemistry, sensory analysis, organic synthesis, micro-, cell- & molecular biology to biotechnology, phytochemistry and natural product processing. This focuses our research efforts on five specific platforms: 

  • New Molecules & Green Chemistry 
  • Bioactives 
  • Release Systems 
  • Malodor Management 
  • Sensory Innovation


Organic chemistry is key to the creation of unique perfumery ingredients. We use the latest methods with a strong focus on Green Chemistry. By employing modern chemical methods, such as catalytic systems instead of classical methods, and establishing new technologies, such as multiple parallel syntheses and micro-reactor technology, we can create value for our customers as well as for the planet. Waste prevention and the reduction of auxiliary substances are critical parts of our strategy when designing chemical synthetic routes.

We are proud to be supported in the following areas by our academic and industrial network partners:
1. Backward Integration: we believe the strategic use of raw materials leads to more transparency, a higher grade of sustainability and better socio-economic value. 
2. New, Unique Molecules: through the principles of green chemistry, we embrace the regulatory and environmental challenges of bringing new ingredients to the market in fragrances as well as cosmetics.
3. Naturals: we are constantly on the search for new plant sources, in places such as such as Madagascar or the Amazon where we consistently comply with the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).


Bioactives are the ingredients that make cosmetics and oral care products work. And it’s where our comprehensive life science expertise really shines. We are relentlessly pushing the boundaries in the following fields:

  • Cellbiology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Microbiology
  • Receptor Research
  • Skin & Scalp Biology
  • Dermatology (through our scientific advisory board)
  • Hair Biology & Physics

And the world is noticing. A few of the areas where we have already received innovation awards include anti-irritants, antibacterial substances, anti-aging substances, fat metabolism, photoprotection, environmental pollution protection, skin-lightening or darkening actives and sensory ingredients.


A person’s most exquisite fragrance experience is made possible by release systems such as encapsulation technology, which allows for the the long-lasting, controlled release of fragrances at moments that matter most. This and other innovative types of fragrance delivery systems are developed at Symrise research centers around the world.

An exciting range of capsules is available for different purposes:

  • Actipearls® allow a person to visualize the active component in personal and home care products
  • Symcaps® deliver scent to fabric or skin and break easily upon contact, releasing fragrance in conjunction with touch 
  • Incaps® release the fragrance when in contact with moisture or water


Fragrances create positive emotions. Malodors do the opposite. And one of the most important features of many fragrances in household or personal care products is the ability to overcome malodors, for an uplifting experience of freshness and cleanliness.

Proprietary Neofresh® technology overcomes an array of malodors through a four pronged approach based on cutting-edge technologies, proven by analytics, as well as the most important judge of effectiveness, human sensory testing:

  • prevention
  • elimination
  • suppression 
  • perceptional integration


Ultimately, we develop fragrances for people, and as such their sensory evaluation is critical to our process. Our goal is to objectively measure the olfactive performance of raw materials and fragrances across consumer relevant parameters. Established and cutting-edge sensory techniques allow us to reliably measure product performance throughout a broad range of categories, applications and consumer experiences. This effort helps our customers to benchmark their products as well as substantiate claims.



Open Innovation in research and development is central to our DNA. It begins with the internal collaboration between our creative minds, such as master perfumers, and expands through approximately 50% of our groundbreaking innovations. These innovations arise from our partnerships with an international network of experts, universities and companies as well as through close cooperation with our customers. The successes of these long lasting relationships form the bedrock for further innovative solutions that shape the markets of today and tomorrow.

Symrise scientific advisory board


Prof. Dr.  Jean Krutmann

Prof. Dr. Krutmann


Prof. Dr. Tilo Biedermann

Prof. Dr. Tilo Biedermann


Prof. Dr.  Thierry Passeron

Prof. Dr. Thierry Passeron


Prof. Dr. Liu Wei

Prof. Dr. Liu Wei


Prof. Glorius

Prof. Wade

Believing that in order to continually improve the quality and standards of our research, we created a number of Scientific Advisory Boards (SAB) for various segments within Symrise. These internationally renowned, independent scientists represent the spirit of our open innovation network. This is where the ideas flow, where innovation generates new value opportunities and exciting, early-stage technological developments are identified. It’s also where we are able to validate our findings using the latest scientific or sensory methods.  Finally, these boards allow our work to be guided by innovation outreach, a strategy that makes the most of the latest global findings in various research areas as they develop.


The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of the Cosmetic Ingredients Division was founded in 2001 and was the first of its kind. This revolutionary approach has led to a recent series of new technologies and product launches such as SymRepair®, SymCalmin®, SymSitive® 1609, SymUrban®. And it’s also resulted in numerous joint publications and presentations–bringing to light the advanced scientific level and the number of concrete results achieved through this progressive open innovation network..

Currently, our SAB consists of five international experts:

  • Prof. Dr. Jean Krutmann, Chairman of the SAB, Scientific Director of IUF - Leibniz-Institute for Environmental Medicine Research gGmbH Düsseldorf, expert in photobiology
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Luger, Head of the Dermatological Clinic at Münster University, expert in dermatology and immunology
  • Prof. Dr. Tilo Biedermann, Head of Dermatology and Allergology Clinics, Technical University Munich, Germany, expert in inflammation, innate immunity and skin microbiome
  • Prof. Dr. Thierry Passeron, Dermatology Department, University Clinics Nice/France, expert in skin biology, inter alia skin pigmentatio
  • Prof. Dr. Liu Wei, Head of the Department of Dermatology at the General Hospital of the Air Force, Beijing, China


The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of Fragrances and Oral Care Divisions is our most recently founded SAB. These internationally renowned experts ensure we bring the latest science to the development of innovative fragrances and oral care products.

The SAB of Fragrances and Oral Care oversees three areas:

Sensory & Perception – devoted to neurophysiology and psychology:

  • Professor Arnaud Aubert/Université François Rabelais in Tours, France

He is known for scientific leadership in the non-verbal measurement of emotions.

Oral Care – focused on the constant expansion of oral hygiene possibilities, and the effort of the only scientific board member in this discipline within our industry:

  • Professor William Wade of the Queen Mary University in London, UK

In addition to his membership on the SAB, he is concurrently leading the field of the oral microbiome (HOMD) within the Human Microbiome Project.

Molecules & Materials – dedicated to modern synthesis methods, catalysis and green chemistry, this part of the SAB is guided by a preeminent organic chemist:

  • Professor Frank Glorius of the Institute for Organic Chemistry at the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster, Germany

Among other outstanding achievements in his field, he has been awarded the “Leibniz Preis”, the most prestigious research prize issued in Germany.

Symrise consumer insights


With a mission to leverage our proprietary solutions and holistic consumer approach, we take our partners on experiential journeys, creating unique, successful, sustainable products empowered by innovative insights.

This approach ignites insights as well as consumer wins by leveraging multiple touchpoints including hedonics, sensory & consumer neuroscience. The global CMI team operates without borders, but with a finger continually on the pulse of consumers, brands and trends, gaining inspiration for the creation of sustainable fragrances and products that will tantalize consumers' senses in order to succeed in the market. We use exclusive tools, state-of-the-art methods and robust analytics to satisfy a constant thirst for knowledge and challenge the status quo. We do this by utilizing innovative and proprietary consumer research methods, by correlating data from multiple consumer touch points, and tracking consumer olfactory preferences. By ensuring this team has multi-functional, cross-category expertise - Fine Fragrance, Home Care, Beauty Care, Oral Care & Cosmetic Ingredients –we’re able to shape a new era in fragrance, driving creativity and offering industry-leading, full service research capabilities for creating customized client solutions.