''Pleasure and naturalness are experiencing a moment of extreme fusion. Discovering where emotional connection and a healthier and more inclusive life meet through flavors and ingredients is our sweet challenge.''

Albertina Palmari, Marketing Manager, Latin America

Mastering taste challenges to deliver stand-out experiences

In a constantly and fast-changing world, consumers still see sweet products as little treats in which they can indulge

As consumers look for healthier products in the sweet sector, alternative sweet solutions that taste great are increasingly sought after. However, taste and indulgence still reign supreme in consumers' hearts. By translating market and consumer insights into relevant innovations and product solutions, we unlock growth opportunities and deliver value in the innovation, development and marketing processes of our customers.

We are crafting delicious ideas and inspiring the sweet habits of tomorrow with delightful ingredient solutions for confectionery, baked goods, cereals, candy, chocolates and chewing gums. Our deep understanding of the market enables us to provide our customers with solutions that improve taste, texture and visual appeal to fulfill a range of consumer desires, from pure enjoyment to healthy and natural eating.

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What we do

The power and passion to create sweet attraction

Our creative and innovative team loves to explore new ideas and challenge the status quo. By combining our knowledge of consumer needs, creativity and ground-breaking technologies, we can perform at the highest level and set new standards in the market.

Our solutions

Great taste is still the number one priority for consumers around the world. We continue to build on our long-standing reputation for delivering winning taste solutions for all flavor and sweet product applications.


You name the sweet application, we deliver the winning taste solution, meeting market, price, regulatory and legal requirements.


Our symlife™ natural flavor solutions mask off-notes from added protein or fiber and keep products that are reduced in sugar, salt and fat tasting great.

Health and nutrition

We are supporting healthy lifestyles with tasty health and well-being solutions. We work with your formulation team to improve the nutritional content of your recipes, thanks to the broad portfolio of diana food™ natural nutrients.

Clean(er) labeling

Our code of nature™ platform and assortment of real fruit powders and flakes provide natural solutions and clean(er) labelling options for your applications.

Texture and visual appeal

The broad portfolio of diana food™ natural ingredients delivers unique texture and visual appeal solutions.

Our proprietary technologies

The most diversified portfolio of encapsulation technologies for fit-for-purpose flavor delivery and performance as well as cooling agents for chewing gum.

Our range

Our range is comprised of winning taste and texture solutions for all sweet product applications. Creating successful solutions and sweet experiences that consumers truly love is what makes us a unique partner.

Chocolate confectionery

Chocolate confectionery

We provide ideas and solutions for new and upcoming chocolate challenges such as state-of-the-art premiumization, vegan alternatives, reducing sugar content, multi-sensorial experiences, impressive shapes, contrasting textures and enticing pieces of fruits and nuts.

Sugar confectionery

Sugar confectionery

Candies, lollipops, fruit gums, jellies, toffees and the like - small treats that make life sweeter. To serve the popularity of fruity tastes, we offer solutions for almost every need imaginable: be it a pure natural lemon oil or a raspberry flavor.

When it comes to finding winning tastes that match your target group’s desires, we love a challenge!

Chewing gum

Chewing gum

Chewing gum products have very special requirements: refreshing or sweet, long-lasting flavor, sugar or sugar-free. With our minty and fruity note solutions combined with our special encapsulation technologies, evocore™, we find the best tasting solution for your needs.

Applications: sugared gum, sugar-free gum, bubble gum

Key tonalities: mint, strawberry, watermelon

Sweet baked goods

Sweet baked goods

We always focus on the most successful sweet baked goods applications and make them taste fantastic. With our vast experience in vanilla, chocolate and brown notes, we support you on your journey to winning over the hearts of consumers.

Applications: sweet biscuits, crackers, cakes, pastries, muffins, morning goods, wafers, cupcakes

Key tonalities: vanilla, chocolate, butter, strawberry, lemon



From classic family breakfast cereals to trendy porridges and cereal bars - cereals are suitable for almost every occasion. Our diversified portfolio of natural products provides fruit content, nutritional and visual additions with the highest safety standards.

Key tonalities: chocolate, honey, fruit, strawberry, nuts

Dry desserts and snack bars

Dry desserts and snack bars

Our competencies in vanilla, chocolate and fruity notes allow you to tweak your products to delight consumers at any time of the day. The diana food™ collection of high-performing, traceable and sustainable ingredients allows for eye-catching colors, natural ingredients, regionality and personalized nutrition for snack bars.

Applications: instant jellies, custard powders

Key tonalities: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, lemon, raspberry

Fillings, icings and glazes

Fillings, icings and glazes

Fillings impart unique tastes and textures to creams, fondants, chocolate, truffles, pralines, caramels and a variety of pastries and desserts. Our experts know how to maintain the best flavor performance through storage, shelf life and baking. While our icing and glaze solutions transform baked goods into irresistibly great-tasting works of art.

Powdered drinks

Powdered drinks

Our portfolio is specifically designed to feature powdered-drink ingredients that dissolve quickly, leave no sediment, maintain a lengthy ambient shelf life and look and taste delicious.

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Get in touch

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Our competencies

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for health benefits, natural provenance and general well-being through our increasingly transparent and traceable supply chains. This means lower cost and environmental impact as well as clean label options that more consumers expect from their sweet products.

inspiring vanilla™

Symrise is the market leader and an industry pioneer in vanilla — not least because of our unique and sustainable approach in Madagascar. By combining the best of science and nature, our dedicated vanilla team has developed a comprehensive portfolio of sustainable taste solutions — from certified extracts to great-tasting and cost-effective natural and nature-identical vanilla flavorings.

Driven by more than 140 years of market understanding, in-depth consumer insights and comprehensive taste preference research, we create the vanilla tastes that people love.

Learn more about vanilla


Our longstanding history in taste balancing and broad range of natural solutions allow our customers to deliver products that are reduced in sugar, fat or salt, or enriched with functional ingredients, and still taste great.

Learn more about symlife™

inspiring citrus™

Our unique portfolio is comprised of the highest quality, stable and superior citrus taste solutions. We offer certified citrus oils/extracts and natural citrus flavors as well as cost-effective, natural and nature-identical flavor solutions, based on creative flavor compounding and unique raw materials.

Learn more about citrus

inspiring mint™

We are taking mint into new directions, dimensions and combinations. With our backward integration of raw materials and our deep understanding of nature, we have a unique raw material base that enable us to create mint flavor solutions that consumers truly love.

evocore™ encapsulation

At the core of our encapsulation offer is a genuine fit-for-purpose and economical flavor performance solution.

Our family of encapsulation technologies was born to perform with an efficient cost equation that makes it the unrivalled choice for your brands and consumers. We are treasuring the secrets of flavor and unleashing great taste.

Learn more about our encapsulation technologies

All-natural fruit crunchies, flakes and powders

Our fruit additions are available in a range of textural formats, from soft to crunchy. What powders, granules, flakes and crunchies have in common is the unique visual, taste and mouthfeel experience they deliver. Our carefully sourced, diana food™ portfolio of natural fruit ingredients allows for clean labeling and strong shelf-life management, too.

Learn more about our fruit ingredients

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