We’re a German stock corporation with a dual management structure

The overarching focus of both our Executive and Supervisory Board is to drive the Symrise Group’s sustainable, long-term success

Since our IPO in 2006, we’ve enjoyed ever-expanding levels of success and remain as ambitious today as we did then. Our strategy for success is built on thinking beyond the traditional borders of the flavor and fragrance market: we take a bold new approach to our products, our production and the possibilities that entering new markets bring.

Thinking sustainably is at the heart of everything we do. It’s about ensuring that our business continues to soar in the long-term, in a way that benefits all our stakeholders, from shareholders to suppliers to society as a whole. We always keep future generations in mind, from prioritizing social responsibility to creating technologies fit for the future and using processes that save and conserve resources.

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Symrise Factbook

Symrise Factbook
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Our group operates a dual management structure consisting of an Executive Board and a Supervisory Board

Our Executive Board manages the company with the ultimate aim of increasing our company’s value. The Supervisory Board oversees and advises the Executive Board on matters such as business development, planning, strategy and risk mitigation.

Our Executive Board

The Executive Board, headed up by our CEO Dr. Jean-Yves Parisot, is responsible for managing the company and increasing its value

We have set ourselves some ambitious goals in terms of business development. We aim to continue growing faster than the market and to do so profitably. To get there, we are pursuing a strategy based on three pillars: growing the Group, increasing its efficiency and expanding the portfolio intelligently. This, we can only achieve if Symrise breaks new ground in the right areas.

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Our Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is comprised of 12 members – it is responsible for overseeing and advising the Executive Board in the management of the company

The two boards meet regularly to discuss business development, planning, strategy and risk mitigation. In compliance with the German Codetermination Act (MitbestG), our Supervisory Board is comprised of an equal number of shareholder and employee representatives (12 members in total). To heighten the efficiency of its work, the Supervisory Board has formed four committees, who draft the board’s resolutions and prepare the agenda items that they will address in each full session. The four committees are defined as follows:

  • The Auditing Committee
  • The Arbitration Committee
  • Personnel Committee
  • The Nominations Committee

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Risk management

One of the fundamental principles of good corporate governance is a responsible and sound risk management policy

We encourage all Symrise employees, from our Executive Board down, to take advantage of the opportunities that come their way. Nevertheless, every opportunity for growth and success comes with associated risks that could have an impact on our net assets, financial position and other aspects of our operations.

Our systematic approach ensures that we’re able to identify risks promptly and minimize our exposure to them. Using an established ‘risks and rewards’ system, we’re able to analyze strategic actions in terms of the risks they present. Our adherence to the ISO 310000 then allows us to classify potential risks according to their impact on profit and the probability of their occurrence.

We’re constantly improving this system and adapting it to current market developments, ensuring it offers maximum value and accuracy across our various business units.

Our risk management system is described in the corporate report of Symrise AG.

Corporate Governance Statement

The actions of Symrise AG’s management and oversight bodies are determined by the principles of good and responsible corporate governance.

The Executive Board – also acting on behalf of the Supervisory Board – has issued the following Corporate Governance Statement.

The Corporate Governance Report is part of the Corporate Governance Statement.

Corporate Governance Statement

Remuneration report


Declaration of compliance

Our Executive and Supervisory boards identify with the aims of the German Corporate Governance Code, promoting responsible and transparent management and control, focused on sustainable growth of our equity value

The Executive and Supervisory boards of Symrise AG follow the recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Code in its currently effective version.

Here you will find the full declaration

Articles of incorporation

articles of incorporation of symrise ag (May 2024)
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Corporate Governance presentation

Corporate Governance already forms a chapter in our Factbook. In the presentation below, we have compiled all governance-related topics to create a compact overview for your convenience.

Here you can download the corporate governance presentation

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