Our SymColor® range has a heritage that stretches back over 70 years, and we are globally recognized as experts for the coloration of personal care and household products

Our extensive product portfolio infuses emotion, fun and advanced technology into color chemistry, and increasingly allows us to meet consumers’ needs also for natural and sustainable color solutions.

Tailor-made and trend-driven

Symrise Color Solutions

Tailor-made solutions

Our ready-to-use color portfolio enables our customers to significantly shorten their time-to-market for new product launches. We are also highly experienced in developing tailor-made solutions thanks to our dedicated application lab. As added value, our concentrated pastes and liquids make dustless color handling possible.

Symrise Color Solutions

Inspired by trends and concepts

We combine our knowledge of consumers’ ever-changing needs with both creativity and formulation technology expertise – it’s how we enable our customers to anticipate and exceed expectations. Our colors are designed to add an element of uniqueness to new products that are cherished by today’s sophisticated consumers.

Symrise Color Solutions

The most vibrant
colors across four
functional formats

Our color solutions are available as water-soluble dyes, oil-soluble dyes, pigments and lakes: perfectly suited to a wide range of personal and home care applications

Water-soluble dyes for shower and home care products

Water-soluble dyes create an intense coloration of surfactant-based formulations in home and personal care products. They are highly stable and dedicated to mass market products.

We offer a broad variety of powder and liquid dyes. These colors comply to EU, US and China cosmetic regulation requirements.

We also offer color additives exempted from certification.

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Oil-soluble dyes for hair oils and fragrances

Oil-soluble dyes bring both bright and natural-looking colors to oily formulations. Our liquid and concentrated oil-soluble dyes are bestsellers as they make every formulator’s life easier.

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Pigments for creams, bar soaps and toothpaste stripes

Our organic pigments make non-bleeding formulations ultra-bright. We also offer inorganic pigments with high chemical and light stability – the perfect choice for leave-on formulations.

We offer our pigments as concentrated powders, dustless liquids and dispersible in water and oil.

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Lakes for lipsticks and toothpastes

Lakes are water-soluble colors bonded on alumina substrate. These non-bleeding colorants achieve one of the highest light stabilities of our portfolio.

They are regulatory compliant in the EU and US.

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