We combine expertise to provide innovative ingredient solutions and extended value propositions for the food and beverages, pet food and aquafeed industries

We make food and drinks healthier and more enjoyable, pet food more palatable, and aquaculture feed more efficient.

Our three core areas of expertise are:



By providing responsibly sourced ingredients, treated with gentle, proprietary processes, we help manufacturers create new and great-tasting products.



By extracting the best from chicken, eggs, fish, seafood, fruits and vegetables we provide nutritional benefits through protein, vitamin, mineral and fiber-based solutions.



By focusing on immunity, bone health, anti-ageing, gut-balancing and more, we put health and well-being at the heart of what we do.

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Our unique approach

Developing unique and innovative ingredient solutions

Inspired by nature, our quest is to fully valorize our natural ingredient streams. Through state-of-the-art science and technology, we identify areas of potential in the byproducts, leftovers and side-streams in our supply chain to produce the most value possible from our natural raw materials.

This allows for more innovative, traceable and efficient solutions and delivers added value to our customers in the food and beverages, pet food and aquafeed industries. It also exemplifies our commitment to protecting the planet by decreasing our global CO2 footprint along our whole value chain. Through this full side-stream valorization, which adheres to the principles of the circular economy, we make a positive impact.

As a key player in the food industry, we take pride in our duty to positively contribute to society, the environment and the economy, at each point on our value chain. In this way, we strive to make the world a better place for everyone. No matter what solution we are manufacturing or which industry we are supplying, sustainability remains a key transverse driver.


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Expertise covering three industries

Get a closer look at the work we are doing across our Food & Beverage and Pet Food divisions and our Aqua Feed business unit.

Food & Beverage

Our Food & Beverage division is designing the delectable ideas behind consumer favorites and inspiring the eating and drinking habits of tomorrow.

Discover Food & Beverage

Pet Food

Our Pet Food division is delivering high-value solutions that improve the well-being of furry companions and the satisfaction of their pet-parents.

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Aqua Feed

Our Aqua Feed business unit is developing advanced natural solutions for the global aquaculture feed industry.

Discover Aqua Feed

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Creativity and innovation

Our Business Incubation Group (BIG) is where we bring together new, potentially game-changing ideas and solutions. We aim to accelerate our present and lay the groundwork for the future of Taste, Nutrition & Health.

As an addition to our Research and Technology departments, BIG takes a transversal approach that crosses industries. It focuses on Incubation, Acceleration and Exploration, and allows us to experiment with scaling up our operations at a faster pace and look for innovative ways to spark positive change.

Our history

Throughout our history, we have continued to innovate and grow into new markets and areas of expertise. Here is a look at some of our most important milestones in Taste, Nutrition & Health.

Stories and trends

From trend-spotting articles to sustainable success stories, discover new industry insights gleaned from our continuous market research.

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