We deliver high-value solutions that improve pet well-being and owner satisfaction.

We partner with pet food manufacturers to offer complete solutions that cover three essential aspects of pet food: palatability, nutrition and food protection.


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Our unique approach

Our unique approach

At Symrise Pet Food, everything we do is backed up by a strong culture of innovation, pet well-being, excellence and sustainability. Our worldwide palatability expertise and strong nutritional experience give us an edge in an increasingly competitive market.

Pet well-being

is our no. 1 priority when developing new solutions.


allows us to stay at the forefront of a changing pet world.


means ensuring the highest quality and food safety standards for our customers around the world.


is about securing a long-term future for our stakeholders and the world through full stream valorization and other initiatives.

Our focus areas

Our focus areas

We want to provide a better life for all pets and be at the heart of every eating experience. That’s why we support pet food manufacturers in 3 essential features of their pet food products:

Pet food palatability

Pet owners want to share unique interactions with their furry companions. Mealtime is key for strengthening that emotional bond.

Better tasting pet food makes for happier pets and owners alike.
SPF is reinventing pet food palatability to enhance the sensorial experience of pets and make mealtime a shared happy moment.

As the worldwide leader in palatability, SPF combines technical expertise and innovation to develop product concepts that improve pet food attractiveness through novel forms of palatability enhancement.

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Pet nutrition

Pet owners want the absolute best for their pets and that includes the pet food they choose to buy.

Today, owners expect more from pet food. They are looking for sustainable, natural and nourishing products of the highest quality. Also important are choice and special attention to specific nutritional needs.

NuvinTM delivers natural ingredients and extensive expertise to help develop animal nutrition ingredients that meet evolving consumer demands. Our simple, clean, sustainable solutions bring the authenticity, credibility, and confidence that formulators need to develop the kind of products and labels that consumers are reaching for.

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Pet food protection

Pet-parents care more than ever about the quality of the pet food they buy. They want that quality to stay present from the first serving to the last, without the need for artificial preservatives.

Videka provides today’s pets and pet-parents with natural, innovative and high-quality pet food protection solutions that are extracted from nature and competitively priced. As a joint venture between Kalsec® and Symrise, Videka leverages global sourcing and vertical integration to secure the best quality ingredients at the best prices for our customers. We offer industry-standard products as well as customized solutions. Our scientists and staff work collaboratively with our customers in true partnerships, built on transparency and supported by our world class analytical labs.

We help you get the most out of our products so you can get the best value for yours.

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How we add value

How we add value

We bring more to every collaboration through our deep understanding of the pet food ecosystem, our global reach and approach to sustainability.

Our understanding of the pet food ecosystem Read more

Our understanding of the pet food ecosystem

We know the pet food ecosystem better than anyone: We understand the pet food market through our worldwide presence, cats and dogs through Panelis and pet owners through Yummypets.

Our innovative solutionsRead more

Our innovative solutions

Our solutions are fueled by more than 40 years of strong research capabilities and 110 scientists, including teams of R&D experts in pet food palatability, pet nutrition and pet food protection, as well as regional teams for development and technical support.

Our unique servicesRead more

Our unique services

We support the success of our customers through their product development journey, from product positioning to final application.

Our global networkRead more

Our global network

When it comes to our global presence, we follow one simple motto: the closer, the better.

Our sustainability approachRead more

Our sustainability approach

We aim to make a positive impact on people, pets and the planet.

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