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As a global leader in the pet food industry, we have been delivering high-value solutions that improve pet well-being and owner satisfaction for over twenty years.


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Our unique approach

Everything we do is backed up by a strong culture of innovation, pet well-being, excellence and sustainability. Our worldwide palatability expertise and strong nutritional experience give us an edge in an increasingly competitive market.

Pet well-being

is our no. 1 priority when developing new solutions.


allows us to stay at the forefront of a changing pet world.


means ensuring the highest quality and food safety standards for our customers around the world.


is about securing a long-term future for our stakeholders and the world through full stream valorization and other initiatives.

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Our focus areas

Pet food palatability

Pet-parents want to share unique interactions with their furry companions. Mealtime is key for strengthening that emotional bond.

Pet-parents are increasingly aware of the joy their pets experience during mealtime — and naturally they want to see and experience this joy alongside them. This desire presents a strategic opportunity for products that not only satisfy pets but also elicit a perceptibly joyful response in them.

As the worldwide leader and reference in palatability, SPF combines technical expertise and innovation to develop product concepts that improve pet food attractiveness by offering novel forms of palatability enhancement.
SPF reinvents pet food palatability to enhance pets' sensorial experience and make mealtime a shared happy moment.

Discover SPF pet food palatability solutions

Pet nutrition

Whether they are easygoing animal lovers or passionate "pet-parents", consumers' sense of responsibility begins with the choices they make in feeding these special members of the family.

Contemporary pet owners expect more:

  • Nourishing, natural and real food for their cherished companion animals
  • Confidence in quality, suitability and sustainable sourcing
  • Choice in the way their pets' nutrition is produced and delivered
  • Special attention to specific nutritional needs

Our solutions provide the simple, clean and sustainable ingredient solutions formulators need to meet the rising expectations of discerning pet owners. Our all-natural, foundational ingredients bring authenticity, credibility and confidence to product development, to help develop the kind of products and labels more consumers are reaching for.

Essential ingredients for foods that enable pets to thrive

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Discover Vivae pet nutrition functional ingredients solutions

Pet food protection

Pet-parents care more than ever about the quality of the pet food they buy. They want that quality to stay present from the first serving to the last, without the need for dubious artificial preservatives.

We are making a difference in the lives of pets, their owners and our customers, with innovative, unique, and high performing solutions delivering natural pet food protection that consumers can trust.

Videka is a natural leader in pet food protection, providing customized products that are clean, innovative and extracted from nature for today’s pets and pet-parents.

As a synergistic joint venture between Kalsec and Symrise, Videka combines leadership from two reputable parent companies with being vertically integrated and globally sourced. Videka is not only meeting the antioxidant demand of today, but also creating the next generation of natural products to help our customers grow.

Utilizing our scientists and staff, we collaborate with our customers to solve problems and support their development. Our partnerships are built on transparency so we can be a trusted resource every step of the way, including in aftermarket service.

Videka is a natural leader in customized pet food protection.

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