“Sustainability considerations are at the heart of our new developments and guide our daily work.

From advancing our ingredients and formulations to optimizing the most resource- and energy-efficient processes, technologies and supply chains.
We have been able to significantly increase the ratio of our R&D projects, which have a direct, positive impact on the four pillars of our sustainability strategy.”

Dr. Gerhard Krammer, Senior Vice President Research and Technology, Regulatory and Formula Management, Food & Beverage

We achieve a particularly high impact on:
Decent work and economic growth
Responsible consumption and production
Climate action
Partnerships for the goals
A creative approach to sustainable solutions

A creative approach
to sustainable solutions

Innovation is a core competency of our business, and we challenge our R&D teams and partnerships to provide the foundations for a sustainable future. By developing sustainable solutions, we’re able to secure and strengthen the future of our company, our customers’ businesses and the world around us.

All of the product development that we do adheres to strict sustainability criteria, maximizing not only our products’ value to our customers, but its social and ecological value as well. Our future developments are built on a commitment to:

  • Eco-friendly chemistry
  • Resource-efficient production
  • New technology and digitalization opportunities

To help us better achieve our goals, we developed the Product Sustainability Scorecard, a patented procedure that allows us to record the environmental impact of raw materials and products in a systematic manner. Ultimately, this allows both us and our customers to select the most environmentally friendly options possible when it comes to product development.

All our advances are measured against the Product Sustainability Scorecard

With the Product Sustainability Scorecard, Symrise documents the impact of raw materials and products on sustainability on the basis of ten criteria, enabling our customers to select the most eco-friendly solution in a comparison of available alternatives.

For example: Menthol

Using menthol as an example, the scorecard reveals that the synthetic variation produced by Symrise offers benefits over the long term, ranging from a safe, clearly traceable basis of raw materials to comparably energy-efficient, low-waste production and an end product of outstanding purity and quality. The scorecard provides an overview of this information, with synthetic menthol performing better in a variety of categories, including “water efficiency”, “traceability”, “land use” and “biodiversity.”

Symrise is a member of the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI)

The goal of the Initiative is to support and accelerate the transition from fossil carbon to renewable carbon for all organic chemicals and materials.

The expertise to improve health and wellbeing

We work to meet evolving consumer trends for natural, nutritious ingredients as responsibly and effectively as possible.

Consumers care more than ever about the provenance and nutritional value of the products they purchase, so our innovators continually present landmark solutions that address such issues.

Nutrition of the future: Meatless meat

In 2050, ten billion people are expected to live on earth, a good two billion more than today. What will they eat? It is clear that the current form of nutrition with lots of meat, fish and dairy products will no longer be viable at that point. Symrise has been extracting ingredients for food production from natural raw materials for decades. Symrise relies on raw materials from nature, including in solutions for alternative proteins. In extensive research programs, the company has analyzed and deciphered natural flavoring substances. Symrise offers these products, which are purchased in a transparent and traceable way, on its code of nature™ platform.

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The ability to deliver outstanding product safety

Guaranteeing maximum product safety with every new innovation is our top priority.

In addition to our own strict quality requirements, we also adhere to the Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines, which work to ensure the quality of the production processes and environments across our industry. Independent audits and accredited certification demonstrate compliance with these standards.

Symocide C: An innovative concept for product safety

The market launch of our preservative Symocide C in 2016 reflects our solution-oriented approach to product innovation. There is growing demand for increasingly safe, effective and approved alternatives to traditional antimicrobials used in cosmetics, and Symocide C is a modern solution that offers exactly that.

It works effectively in many cosmetic products and, owing to its antimicrobial properties, is particularly well-suited to skin and oral hygiene products such as deodorants, body care products and toothpaste. Symocide C is also produced in a highly sustainable manner as a side stream of thymol and menthol production.


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