We unite our antimicrobial ingredients in the category Micro Protection, providing cutting-edge solutions to our customers’ formulation needs

From product protection with safe preservatives and the help of versatile multifunctionals to skin protection with functional properties such as deodorant, dandruff control and hygiene care: our wide range of modern micro protection products addresses the needs of today’s global beauty care market. Renowned in the cosmetics industry, we have been the most innovative player in the field of micro protection for the last fifteen years.


All beauty products require safe and effective protection against microbial contamination

With increasing regulations, higher consumer expectations and rising pressure on formulation costs, the question of product protection is increasingly focused on how to deliver more with less. 

We have been innovation leaders in the area of modern antimicrobial protection of cosmetic products for over a decade now, and have developed a comprehensive toolbox of specifically tailored ingredients. We work closely with our customers to find the optimal preservative system for their diverse formulations.

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Preservatives: misunderstood but indispensable

Consumer expectations, market trends, individual company policies and a changing regulatory landscape: preservatives are constantly under pressure to perform within these limits. Formulators need to be increasingly creative by using innovative ingredients with antimicrobial properties to deliver both, product and consumer safety.

Our SymOcide® range offers a full palette of products including broad-spectrum synergistic preservative blends.

Multifunctionals: the power of synergy

Multifunctional ingredients offer an innovative solution, keeping cosmetic products safe and stable, while at the same time reducing the dose of ‘traditional’ preservatives. With primary properties such as moisturizing, antioxidant or solubilizing, these ingredients also boost the product protection properties of formulations.

Symrise is a pioneer in this area: in 1992, we launched the first straight-chain 1,2-Alkanediol (Hydrolite® 5) in the cosmetic market, and we continue to explore the world of multifunctionals with product developments such as SymSave® H and SymDiol® 68T, antioxidants supporting product protection. Brand new in this category: Hydrolite® 5 green sustainably produced from sugar cane.

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Skin protection

Many different microorganisms exist on our skin, some of which can unfortunately cause issues such as dandruff and body odor

Cosmetic ingredients that target only the undesired topical microbiota are key to the success of deodorant, dandruff control and hygiene products. 

Our established range of skin protection products is built on a heritage stretching back more than 40 years.

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Anti-dandruff: everything under control

While no cure for dandruff exists at this time, the bothersome but harmless skin disorder of the scalp can be managed with the right ingredient. 

With Crinipan® AD, we offer a well-established and highly reliable active, with a long history of successful cosmetic use, that is especially suitable for hair care products dedicated to soothe dandruff conditions. 

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Deodorants: a safe approach to malodor management

Human sweat is odorless — the smell is actually caused by the metabolism of sweat compounds by bacteria on the skin.

While there are many ways to manage body odor, prevention is the primary benefit expected from a deodorant. Today’s consumers however want more and are especially interested in a long-term protection from body odor.

In contrast to simply masking body odor, Symrise’s research has focused on ingredients that are able to prevent odor formation at an earlier stage. Our deo actives are able to prevent the decomposition of sweat to malodor compounds, thereby providing safe and superior odor protection, based on non-organohalogen technology. Our Smart DEO Activ’ Range consists of products such as Farnesol and the SymDeo® range.

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Hygiene: enhancing personal protection

Modern hygiene active ingredients provide an alternative to the use of conventional organohalogen systems such as triclosan or triclocarban that are recently being removed from many applications due to consumer overexposure, environmental concerns or regulatory bans.

SymGuard® CD is the first Symrise product that is specifically designed for topical, oral and intimate hygiene products. The product is a multifunctional and has an environmental friendly profile.

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