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November 2019

creative fragrance exhibition

Scent and Care | Corporate November 15, 2019

Symrise presents creative fragrance exhibition in Hong Kong

— During the Cosmoprof trade show in the “fragrant harbor”

— Duo of Asian and European expert perfumers reinterpret Chinese characters

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Flavor | Corporate November 14, 2019

Symrise presents trendsetting products at NeoFood 2019

— Symrise is extending an invitation to a customer event in the London Docklands

— The taste experts will showcase innovative solutions for evolving consumer preferences

— The United Kingdom is considered particularly progressive when it comes to food trends

— Snackification and flexitarianism characterize the modern food lover’s dietary style

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Symrise exhibit at Gulfood Manufacturing 2019

Flavor | Corporate November 13, 2019

Symrise exhibit at Gulfood Manufacturing 2019 with authentic taste through authentic experience

— Customers in the Gulf region increasingly place emphasis on healthy food and beverages

— Consumers want functional enjoyment with taste and nutritional values

— Symrise presents a variety of natural recipes and oriental aromas

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Symrise to open creative center with Unilever

Flavor | Corporate November 5, 2019

Symrise to open creative center with Unilever

— Integrated product development for a key customer’s brand

— Presence at Wageningen Campus

— Ecosystem approach for high speed to market

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Corporate | Financial November 4, 2019

Symrise successfully closes acquisition of ADF/IDF

— Clearance received from Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice to acquire ADF/IDF

— Integration process to begin immediately

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Corporate | Sustainability November 1, 2019

Symrise focuses on renewable energies

— Holzminden-based Group is a member of the RE100 Initiative

— By 2025, energy should be obtained entirely from renewable sources

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October 2019

Corporate | Financial October 30, 2019

Symrise reaches milestone towards completion of ADF/IDF acquisition

— Agreement with U.S. Department of Justice regarding clearance of the acquisition of ADF/IDF

— Sale of manufacturing site in Banks

— Strategic rationale of ADF/IDF acquisition not impacted by divestment

— Closing of ADF/IDF transaction expected in a timely manner

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microbiome data for deodorant active

Scent and Care | Corporate October 30, 2019

Symrise first to publish microbiome data for deodorant active

— Biodegradable cosmetic ingredient effectively prevents body malodors

— Microbiome-friendly: without disruption of natural axillary microbiome

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Financial Information 9M 2019

Corporate | Financial October 29, 2019

Symrise with continued sales growth of 7.1 %

— Group sales increase to € 2,551 million

— Strong performance in all segments

— Company reaffirms outlook for 2019 and long-term targets

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AI scent Berlin 3.0 is a highlight at the IBM Think Summit in Frankfurt

Scent and Care | Corporate October 24, 2019

AI scent Berlin 3.0 is a highlight at the IBM Think Summit in Frankfurt

— Achim Daub, President Scent & Care at Symrise, and Senior Perfumer Marc vom Ende made a presentation

— Computer fragrance assistant: Symrise creates using AI

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Flavor | Nutrition | Scent and Care | Corporate | Financial | Sustainability October 10, 2019

Symrise expands innovation center in Indonesia

— Strengthened presence in emerging Southeast Asian markets

— Location close to sustainably cultivated raw materials

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AgroProdMash in Moscow

Flavor | Corporate October 8, 2019

Symrise exhibits special product range for the meat industry at AgroProdMash in Moscow

— The Group is introducing a portfolio tailored to the Russian market at AgroProdMash

— Stronger collaboration with the Russian meat industry is planned

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chocolate taste

Flavor October 2, 2019

Hot on the trail of chocolate taste

— “Milk Chocolate Mania” combines professional sensory and consumer research

— Focus on preferred taste

— Predictive model used to support the development and modification of milk chocolate

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September 2019

Symrise joins biodiversity initiative

Corporate | Sustainability September 24, 2019

Symrise joins biodiversity initiative

— Coalition of 18 companies aims to protect biodiversity and continue changing agriculture

— The Holzminden-based Group contributes to more sustainable food manufacturing

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Global, EAME & Nigeria Management Team Symrise

Flavor | Scent and Care | Corporate September 5, 2019

Symrise expands Nigeria site and opens application labs

— Local development of taste, scent and care solutions

— Presence strengthened in growing West Africa market

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Sulfacid® technology

Scent and Care September 3, 2019

Symrise inaugurates ecologically-friendly Sulfacid® system to eliminate gas emissions

— First application of Sulfacid® technology in the industry

— Reflects Symrise commitment to a cleaner and safer future

— Pioneering ways to improve environmental footprint and to valorize side streams

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Josh Ghaiam - Johnson & Johnson; Usha Vijay - Symrise; Eric Korman - Phlur; George Ledes - This Week with George Ledes; Mary Berry - Goodkind Co - powered by Symrise

Scent and Care | Corporate September 2, 2019

Goodkind Co — Powered by Symrise at Indie Beauty Expo NYC

— Safer, more sustainable and innovative beauty products

— Special partnership of Goodkind Co and Phlur initiated

— Clean fragrance solutions for growing consumer consciousness

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August 2019

Symrise Honored for Workplace Safety in North America

Scent and Care | Corporate August 21, 2019

Symrise Honored for Workplace Safety in North America

— U.S. insurer The Memic Group awards prize from among 21,000 policyholders

— Recognition of the company’s exceptional culture of safety

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Application Laboratory

Scent and Care | Corporate August 20, 2019

Symrise opens expanded application laboratory for cosmetic ingredients

— Formulation expertise for micro protection ingredients in state-of-the–art facility

— New location for educational customer workshops

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Flavor | Corporate | Sustainability August 19, 2019

Symrise researches optimal vanilla cultivation methods in Madagascar

— The project aims to ensure higher yields and the best possible quality

— The goal is to increase the income and improve the living conditions of farmers


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H1 2019 Report

Corporate | Financial August 8, 2019

Symrise achieves strong revenue growth of 7.4 % in the first half of the year

— Profitability at good level with an EBITDA(N) margin of 20.8 %

— Outlook 2019 specified: Normalized EBITDA margin expected to be around 21 %

— Growth target for the full year and long-term goals for 2025 confirmed

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Corporate | Financial August 7, 2019

Dr. Winfried Steeger has been elected as new Chairman of the Symrise Supervisory Board

— Dr. Winfried Steeger succeeds Dr. Thomas Rabe, who is resigning as Chairman of the Supervisory Board at his own request effective 7 August 2019

— Dr. Steeger is a member of the Supervisory Board of Symrise AG since 2012 and has many years of leadership experience and recognized expertise


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July 2019

Scent and Care | Corporate July 18, 2019

Symrise showcases “A World Tour through Scent” during the “Grasse in Wonderland” Festival

— The exhibition forms part of the International Festival of Perfume and Arts “Grasse in Wonderland”

— Opening with a cocktail party on July 19, 2019

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Symrise continues growth in Russia

Flavor | Corporate July 16, 2019

Symrise continues growth in Russia – new production line for liquid flavoring range

— Liquid taste solutions supplement the production of dry applications

— Regional customers benefit from solutions for sweet, dairy and beverage products

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Flavor | Corporate July 3, 2019

Global naturalness study first unveils APAC insights for food and beverage companies

— Enhance understanding of consumer attitudes on naturalness

— Identify targeted levers to capture opportunities in natural flavour solutions

— Strengthen partnership with food and beverage companies

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Scent and Care | Corporate July 1, 2019

The scent of Berlin: AI and shoppers became perfumers

— Artificial intelligence created the scent “#Berlin 3.0” within six weeks

— Visitors of the BIKINI Berlin shopping mall chose their favorites

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June 2019

Scent and Care | Corporate June 20, 2019

Symrise collaborates with biotech company ChemCom to neutralize odors

— Partnership with ChemCom from Belgium for innovative solutions against body odor

— Joint identification of aromatic substances that block the receptors of unpleasant odors

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May 2019

Symrise 3 flags

Corporate | Financial May 23, 2019

Symrise completes € 500 million bond placement

— Successful placement underscores investors' trust in corporate strategy and financial strength

— Bond issue, with a maturity of 6.5 years, was heavily oversubscribed

— 1.25 % coupon

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PLMA 2019

Flavor | Corporate May 21, 2019

Symrise presents nature’s taste at PLMA 2019

— Focus on tasty solutions for natural and health-conscious nutritional trends

— Ideas for products based on alternative and plant proteins

— Presentation at private label trade show in Amsterdam

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Shaping the future with vanilla

Flavor | Scent and Care | Corporate May 20, 2019

Shaping the future with vanilla: Symrise and Unilever support young people on Madagascar and in the UK

— “Vanilla for Change” joint initiative with Unilever, Save the Children and ME to WE

— Shaping the future of young people in Madagascar and the United Kingdom

— Infos on the project on ice cream wrapping and the online portal “Track Your Impact”

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Corporate | Financial May 8, 2019

Symrise announces Califormulations, LLC: A unique platform to foster beverage innovation

— End-to-end beverage concepts for the North American market

— A new 100,000 sq ft innovation campus located in Georgia

— Integrated access to Symrise locations

— Focused innovation with high degree of agility and flexibility

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Corporate | Financial May 6, 2019

Symrise acquires Italian biotech company Cutech

— Adds competitive edge in bio-analytical methods

— Expands R&D capacities for the efficacy testing of cosmetic ingredients

— Accelerates the development of active ingredients based on predictive ex vivo models

— Unique pre-clinical screening services provided to the cosmetic industry

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April 2019

Quarterly Statement January-March 2019

Corporate | Financial April 30, 2019

Symrise posts strong growth of 9.3 % in the first quarter

— Group sales rise to € 848.8 million

— Organic growth, adjusted for exchange rate effects, of 8.2 %

— Company reaffirms 2019 guidance and long-term targets until the end of 2025


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AI Everything

Scent and Care | Corporate April 16, 2019

Achim Daub, President Scent & Care at Symrise, to present at international summit on AI in Dubai

— Reinforces pioneering role in fragrance creation with artificial intelligence (AI)

— Thought leaders and prominent representatives of numerous industries participate

— Dubai a driving force for forward-looking technologies and approaches

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Scent and Care | Corporate April 9, 2019

Symrise pays tribute to the luxury of time at 2019 Beautyworld Middle East with:

— A World Tour Through Scent with 12 artistic creations

— 10 iconic De Laire Bases

— Exclusive ultimate naturals ingredients

— Innovative captives

— Exclusive collection “Trilogy of Time” with French, French Oriental and Oriental fragrances

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Scent and Care | Corporate April 4, 2019

in-cosmetics Paris: Symrise presents probiotics-based cosmetic ingredient to protect sensitive skin

— SymReboot™ L19 restores skin’s instinctive defenses

— Defense mechanisms are boosted by probiotics-like action

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Scent and Care | Corporate April 1, 2019

Symrise puts focus on green ingredients at in-cosmetics global:

— Sustainable cosmetic ingredients in focus

— Expert lectures and presentations during the fair

— Environmentally friendly and economic production methods established

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March 2019

Scent and Care | Corporate March 29, 2019

Symrise perfumer Maurice Roucel presents his work at the Museum Mudac in Lausanne

— Scents from 13 renowned artists can be experienced at the exhibition

— Visitors can find out about the careers, inspiration and working methods of the perfumers


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Corporate | Financial March 13, 2019

Symrise successfully continues profitable growth course in 2018

— Strong organic sales growth of 8.8 %

— Sales increase of 5.3 % to € 3,154 million (reporting currency)

— Solid earnings with EBITDA at € 631million and EBITDA margin at 20.0 %

— Net income increases to over € 275 million

— Dividend increase to € 0.90 per share proposed


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Scent and Care | Corporate March 11, 2019

SymLite® G8: Natural protection for skin and cosmetics

— Symrise presents a naturally derived multifunctional ingredient for cosmetics at in-cosmetics in Paris

— Glyceryl Caprylate, made from renewable raw materials, acts as a co-emulsifier and enhances the product protection system

— Cooperation with Oleon, a specialist in natural-based oleo chemicals

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Scent and Care | Corporate March 4, 2019

Hydrolite® 5 green wins PCHi Fountain award in the category ‘Actives Moisturizing & Hydrating’

— Sustainable product development at Symrise recognized

— Presentation of green ingredients featuring the theme of the trade show

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February 2019

Protecting climate, water and forests

Scent and Care | Corporate | Financial February 22, 2019

Protecting climate, water and forests: Symrise again rated well

— Nonprofit organization CDP awards Symrise A- and B grades

— Symrise is one of the most sustainable companies in its industry

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probiotic-based cosmetic ingredients

Scent and Care | Corporate February 21, 2019

Symrise works with bioengineering company Probi on probiotic-based cosmetic ingredients

— Symrise and Probi are joining forces to develop probiotic-based ingredients with cosmetic effects

— Researchers are working on cosmetic ingredients for consumers with sensitive and dry skin

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Symrise designates seven perfumers

Scent and Care | Corporate February 19, 2019

Symrise designates seven perfumers

— Promising scent talents pass final exams of perfumery school

— Acquisition of comprehensive fragrance expertise in research and creation

— Four to five years of training includes stations around the world


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Corporate | Financial February 8, 2019

Symrise successfully completes capital increase

— Strong investor demand

— 5.614 million new shares placed

— Gross proceeds amount of € 400 million

— First refinancing element for acquisition of US company ADF/IDF completed

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Corporate | Sustainability February 4, 2019

Gold for Symrise: sustainability management honored

— Rating agency EcoVadis awards Symrise maximum ratings for sustainable management for the 6th time in a row

— Group among the best 1 % of all rated companies in the chemical sector worldwide

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everage competition

Flavor | Corporate February 1, 2019

Beverage competition: Symrise taste helps propel aloe vera and curry sodas to the winner’s podium

— Jury assesses concept and sensory impressions

— Symrise supports student innovation competition

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January 2019

Corporate | Financial January 31, 2019

Symrise strengthens Pet Food activities and expands US footprint with acquisition of ADF/IDF

— ADF/IDF is a leading meat and egg-based protein specialist and pioneer in all

natural nutrition ingredients generating annual sales of $ 220 million

— The nutrition and taste solutions to the pet food and food segments are highly

complementary to Symrise offerings

— A perfect fit in terms of culture and...

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Bisabolol from Symrise

Scent and Care | Corporate January 30, 2019

Bisabolol from Symrise – in-vivo proven efficacy

— Study: Environmentally friendly ingredient from Symrise reduces skin redness within one day

— Dragosantol® 100 from Symrise is highly purified, nature-identical bisabolol

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Scent and Care | Corporate January 23, 2019

Symrise launches new preservative for cosmetics and personal care

— Broad spectrum protection of cosmetic products against microbial contamination

— A wide range of applications such as soaps, creams and wet wipes

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Gold for Symrise

Corporate | Financial January 17, 2019

Symrise updates long-term targets and aims to further expand its business until 2025

— Target corridor of 5 to 7 % for average annual sales growth (CAGR)

— Increased profitability with EBITDA margin in the range of 20 to 23 % from 2020 onward

— Continuation of successful strategy

— Expansion of portfolio and sharpening the product mix: focus on high-margin applications

— Updated targets for sustainability balance planned.


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