We are always looking for experienced professionals that help us strengthen our business

As a pioneering provider of flavor and fragrance solutions, active ingredients and aroma molecules for perfumes, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foods and beverages we are seeking expert professionals and skilled workers to help us deliver on our vision of always inspiring more.

By joining us, you will be given a platform to explore ideas, leverage your know-how, set standards as well as develop and optimize processes in a sustainable way. Become an innovator who embraces our transforming consumer landscape, as we look to create solutions which provide our customers with added value.

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Discover our latest opportunities now

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Discover our business

Discover our business

We are powered by innovation

At Symrise, it is our mission to ensure long-term value creation and to allow our stakeholders to participate in our success. That means striving for economic success while making sustainability an integral part of our business model.

We want to stay ahead of the curve in strategic acquisitions by focusing on those that enable us to expand our business into adjacent areas and those that enable us to achieve our sustainability goals such as sourcing raw materials and increasing backward integration across our entire supply chain.

In 2020, we generated €3,530 million in sales across a range of 30,000 products. Our roots go back to 1874 when Ferdinand Tiemann and Wilhelm Haarmann first synthesized vanillin from coniferin in the German town of Holzminden – our global headquarters to this day.

Our business comprises two core segments: Taste, Nutrition & Health as well as Scent & Care, each with their own distinct product ranges, allowing us to offer unique cross-divisional, end-to-end solutions. Discover in detail who we are and what we stand for here.

Our growth in numbers


Annual long-term growth

Growing nearly twice as fast as the market


Expansion of our workforce
in 2020

Our culture

Get to know our culture

We base our culture on continuous improvement and inspiration

At Symrise, your personal development is our highest priority. It is our obligation to create defined goals and objectives which you can work towards, providing a positive contribution to your development. The following key elements of our corporate culture will allow you to realize your full potential and develop your career with us.

We focus on you

We provide a collaborative culture

We provide clear career paths and allow your performance to determine how you progress in the business

We foster an open corporate culture and encourage creativity and excellence

We give consistent, structured and transparent feedback

We nurture a strong team-ethic and enable you to collaborate with your peers and learn from them

We recognize individual needs at different stages in life and provide you training, which suits your long-term development

We create opportunities to cross-network with our wide range of business units globally

We share common values

Our six core values define who we are and what we stand for. We share them across our entire business and they bring an underlying strength to our diversity of people and products. Our key values are creativity, excellence, added value, integrity, sustainability and commitment.

What makes us an ‘Employer of Choice’

Our clear focus on our employees results in their strong commitment. We want to uphold this and develop targeted measures to improve our work environment. To find out what our employees care about, we regularly measure their sentiment with our employee engagement surveys. We feel very proud that 80 % of our staff across our offices in Brazil, Chile, UK, France, Germany, Singapore and the USA completed our 2016 opinion poll. The impressive response rate means that we have established a platform for dialogue between the company and our people, demonstrating the commitment of our employees to provide feedback and to shape our company's corporate culture of dialogue and participation.

67 of 100

our Employee Commitment Index score, placing us in the top 30% in the world


have trust in our competitiveness and future prospects


of our people would accept a job with us again


Life at Symrise

Across all our offices and employees, we place a great importance on charity and social initiatives as well as continually making Symrise a more inclusive place to work. From safety rallies, charity runs and breast cancer campaigns, to the Sustainability Olympics, healthy living week and community engagement days, our employee-led initiatives make sure to raise awareness for causes and charities, safeguard our environment and give back to the communities in which we operate.

Promoting equality and diversity

We promote diversity and inclusion

At Symrise, we are proud to be an equal opportunities employer. Our core values mean that regardless who you are you will be afforded every opportunity to flourish. We rely on our multinational and multifunctional teams and our ability to put different perspectives, strengths and qualifications together for developing the best solutions.

Diversity embodies everything that makes us unique and is an integral part of who we are as a company, how we operate today and how we take on the challenges of the future. Our continued success will always be linked to our ability to bring our core values to life. 

In 2017, we signed the "Women's Empowerment Principles", a joint initiative of the organization UN Women and the United Nations Global Compact, which aims to raise awareness for the issue of promoting and empowering women in companies. Symrise is committed to and actively promotes gender equality on all levels across the business.

We place great importance on both diversity and inclusion, celebrating our differences and always endeavoring to create an inclusive environment.

Diversity statement

Meet Laís Nascimento
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A dream come true: Meet Laís Nascimento

When she lost her sight, Laís Nascimento didn’t want her illness to permanently cast a shadow over her life. Here, the evaluator trainee from Brazil talks about how her persistence and her dream of having a normal job led her to Symrise and why it’s the right place for her.

Develop with us

Develop with us

Take your career forward with Symrise

Our people are the reason we are a leading company in the flavor and fragrance industry. That is why we place great importance on personal and professional development. Doing this means that we can continue to inspire our customers with creative and innovative solutions.

Career paths

We are built on the know-how of our employees. This means that we rely on strong managers in leadership roles and on specialists who drive our product and process competence forward with their knowledge and experience. 

Accordingly, we divide our career models into management and expert pathways. Our various technical career models reflect this. And our expert and management career structures are flexible. People can move from one career pathway into another based on their individual ambitions and skills.


of all promotions go to women


of our employees have been with Symrise for 10 years or longer

Leadership Training - Our Future Generation Program

Leadership skills and competencies are crucial for our business success. We prepare our managers for the job ahead and guide them along the way via mentoring partnerships and target group-specific training programs. 

We have created the Future Generations Program as a cornerstone of leadership development. The program targets globally-mobile talents with excellent performance, who would like to further grow into a leadership role or are at an early stage of their leadership journey and – in a mid-term view – want to grow into a middle management position. The program covers the relevant leadership skills needed for a leadership role. In parallel you will work in small teams on a business project with a business challenge relevant for Symrise. Additionally, you will receive mentorship from one of our senior leaders.

The Symrise Academy

One of the ways we ensure the continued development of our people is through the Symrise Academy. The academy provides training for perfumers, flavorists and commercial positions. Each program focuses on your long-term development and provides you with the skills you need to adapt to the changing demands of our customers.  



Flavorists will be trained in the fundamentals of application technology, and use their knowledge to develop their own ‘masterpiece’ flavor composition at the end of the program. Participation in this program requires strong and proven sensory skills.



Perfumers will be introduced to the raw materials used to create fine fragrance, personal care and home care products. They’ll participate in scent expeditions around the world, visiting the people who are working at the source of these fragrances. Participation in this program requires strong and proven sensory skills.

Сommercial professionals

Сommercial professionals

For commercial professionals, there will be an emphasis on developing your communication and leadership skills, as well high-performance sales training.

What we offer

What we offer

Reap the rewards of working with a company that prioritizes its people

What we expect

Creativity, integrity, excellence and commitment

We look for people who are confident, know their own strengths and are happy to work in a team, always dedicated to their work as a part of a wider vision and always looking to improve. We see our employees as entrepreneurs in our enterprise, following the idea of co-ownership. An ability to adapt is also something we look for in our people. Our customers' needs evolve constantly. So, it is vital that you can embrace this challenge and create solutions that satisfy them. This entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with the mission to create solutions helps us consistently deliver against our customers' needs. A career with us will be challenging, and our open culture and commitment to professional development provides the support you will need to thrive.

Where you could work

We are truly international

We now have 12,435 employees working in more than 100 locations around the globe and we want you to join our team.

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How to apply

How to apply

We believe in a collaborative application process where we can get to know you and you can get to know us

At each step of the process, we will give you the opportunity to showcase your creativity, integrity and excellence within your chosen field. We will answer your questions and and provide you with all the details regarding your new role – allowing you to be sure that we are the right fit.