We elevate everyday experiences for the whole family…

…by creating inspiring fragrance, flavor, natural nutrition and cosmetic ingredients solutions.

You may be surprised to learn that people interact with our products on average 20-30 times per day. From the minty freshness in your toothpaste, to the spark of special scent that makes your favorite perfume irresistible. Whether it’s in the food you eat, the beverages you drink, or the treats you give to your pet (and a whole lot more) – our ingredients and solutions enrich consumers’ lives with delightful facets valued the world over.







With our broad expertise, we have expanded our business into a number of complementary adjacent markets where we are able to add unique value. For instance, we offer taste balancing solutions for reduced-sugar concepts as well as responsibly sourced and natural options that consumers are increasingly demanding. We apply this approach to multi-functional solutions across our entire diverse business.

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Our diverse approach makes us the partner

Our diverse approach makes us the partner of choice for many of the world’s best and biggest brands...

… and helps us answer evolving consumer demands and preferences for care, health, taste, nutrition, naturalness, as well as the provenance of products. We do so in providing consumer insights, investing in R&D and sourcing raw materials as well as efficiently manufacturing final products. This brings unparalleled benefits to our customers and consumers across the entire value chain:


1. We deliver unparalleled consumer insights

Our research into consumer and market trends ensures that our customers can market the right products at the right time to the right people. This in-depth knowledge of end-consumers comes to the fore in everything we do for the most relevant benefits to our customers’ products.

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2. We pioneer with cross-divisional research and development teams

Our business spans many different segments, divisions and business units across fragrances, flavors, natural nutritional solutions and cosmetic ingredients. Each of our dedicated R&D teams share their expertise, enabling innovative, full solutions offering a range of multi-functional benefits. Be it taste, smell, nutrition, gentle skin-care ingredients, natural extracts or ingredients with added functionality, our solutions play a decisive role in consumers’ purchase decisions.

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3. We are working with the right suppliers in the right way

„At Symrise, we are assuming responsibility that goes beyond the company itself. We take our customers and consumers, our employees, society and the environment into consideration.“
The 35,000 products we manufacture start life as approximately 10,000 mostly natural raw materials. Our commitment to sustainability and backward integration means that our customers are able to meet the growing demand for responsibly sourced ingredients. Whether we’re dealing with vanilla farmers in Madagascar, the French beetroot growers or the communities sourcing valuable cosmetic ingredients in the Amazon, we place sustainability measures at the heart of everything we do. It’s best for our business and it’s best for the world we all want to live in.


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Sustainable supply

Our long-term objective is to source all of our raw materials in a way that minimizes any negative environmental and/or human rights impact.

4. We offer best quality production processes

We put great emphasis on maintaining the highest standards at every stage of our production and we are continuously improving the way our processes impact on our customers, consumers and the world around us. Our manufacturing takes place all over the world. Whatever individual operation or process is taking place, from gentle extraction and distillation to encapsulation and green chemistry – we are able to draw on the best global and local expertise.

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Minimizing our footprint

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Green chemistry

We operate our business through two segments

We operate our business through two segments

Within our value chain, we place great emphasis on fast and flexible decision-making. That is why each of our two segments, TASTE, NUTRITION & HEALTH as well as SCENT & CARE, extend across their own research and development, purchasing, and production as well as sale of products and solutions. This system allows us to accelerate internal processes and to simplify procedures while making them customer-oriented and pragmatic.

Our unique portfolio for a fragrant and delicious life

Our Taste, Nutrition & Health segment produces delicious tastes for food and beverages. They go into end products as well as complete solutions, which, apart from the actual flavor, can contain additional functional ingredients, food coloring or microencapsulated components.
We also enrich foods and beverages with taste, texture, color and functionality and provide solutions for baby and pet food. Sustainable marine ingredients for aquacultures help meeting the protein demands for a growing population. In addition, probiotics for foods, beverages and nutritional supplements address health-promoting benefits.

The perfumers of our Scent & Care segment compose aromatic ingredients into fascinating fragrances. Their perfume oils go into perfumes, personal care and household products. Within this segment, we also offer refreshing mint flavors for oral care applications. Our cosmetic ingredients are used in everything from cosmetic products with multifunctional benefits to sun protection solutions. The segment also produces special fragrance & flavor ingredients and fine aroma chemicals of particular quality. These aroma chemicals are used both in Symrise’s own production of perfume oils as well as marketed to companies in the consumer goods industry and other companies in the fragrance and flavor industry.

€4,730 million

Revenue in 2023

Our success

Managing our value chain in such a unique way makes us one of the world’s most successful manufacturers of flavor, food, pet food, fragrance and cosmetic solutions. Because we deploy our strengths in a targeted manner and because our scientific curiosity and desire to innovate carry us soaring to new markets. Because we collaborate with our clients to get ideas off the ground, ideas that inspire people – ideas that stay true to our motto “always inspiring more …” And because we take the interests of all stakeholders to heart, think long-term and do business sustainably. After all, economic success and corporate responsibility are inextricably linked at Symrise.

Our integrated strategy

always inspiring more...

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