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Vitafoods Europe 2024

– Six concepts to address gut health, immunity, healthy aging, and metabolic health
– New prune juice concentrate for a digestive solution with clinical study and new coconut water powder to support an active lifestyle
– Response to consumer needs with health active solutions sourced from nature and backed by science

Symrise will attend Vitafoods Europe, which takes place from May 14–16, 2024, with an exhibit at booth D106. It will showcase new health active solutions and six concepts that support key health benefits: gut health and immunity, healthy aging, and metabolic health. The solutions and products demonstrate the company’s current developments in taste, nutrition, and health. They aim at fulfilling consumers’ desire for a more conscious diet combined with total body wellbeing from the inside out.

Symrise is consistently addressing the evolving challenges of the dietary supplement as well as the functional food and beverages industries to answer consumers’ holistic health needs. “To meet the expectations of the markets, our R&D, agronomy, product, and marketing teams work on developing health active solutions that are sourced from nature and backed by science. The company’s positioning as an augmented flavor house with combined expertise in taste, nutrition and health enables Symrise to develop innovative health active solutions that address consumers’ preferences in terms of format and taste,” explains Fabrice Bohin, President Naturals and Health Active Solutions Platform Leader TN&H at Symrise.

New health active solutions

At Vitafoods, Symrise will introduce a novel prune juice concentrate from its diana food™ portfolio with a minimum sorbitol guarantee. To investigate the health benefits of this prune juice concentrate, the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Guangdong University of Technology conducted a clinical trial in partnership with Symrise, involving 38 volunteers with functional constipation. After two weeks' consumption of the product, results suggested that this prune juice concentrate, at a low dose of 15 ml, plays a role in supporting normal bowel function and activity, as well as improving quality of life1.

In addition to the diana food™ portfolio, Symrise is launching a coconut water powder with a minimum potassium guarantee that supports normal muscle function for consumers with active lifestyles.

Six innovative concepts addressing key health benefits

Symrise is also showcasing six innovative concepts developed thanks to its expertise as an augmented flavor house. They contain health active solutions as well as nutritious ingredients, flavor, or taste balancing solutions:

  • HappyBelly Shot: An on-the-go concept for digestive health and wellness that showcases Symrise’s novel prune juice concentrate2 from its diana food™ portfolio.
  • GutBalance+: A gummy supplement supporting gut health. This on-trend format promotes gut microbiota modulation3 through a formulation combining Prebiocran™ cranberry polyphenols with probiotics from Probi – to maintain the balance of the intestinal flora4.
  • VitaPop: A food supplement in gummy format to help support immunity with a great-tasting combination of antioxidants and a natural source of vitamin C from acerola juice powder2. The formula of VitaPop includes a blend of health active ingredients from various berries – including aronia, elderberry and acerola – that naturally contain polyphenols, anthocyanins, and vitamin C.
  • HydraBoost: An alternative to classic sports drinks or electrolyte waters, which often contain high levels of sugar and artificial dyes. It features natural vitamin C from acerola juice powder2, contributing to a normal energy-yielding metabolism. It also delivers a natural source of potassium from Symrise’s new coconut water powder2 to support normal muscle function. In addition, the concept contains magnesium, contributing to an optimal electrolyte balance. The efficient HydraBoost solution comes with refreshing strawberry and yuzu natural flavoring.
  • ProRecharge: A protein bar concept to maintain mobility and immunity for an active lifestyle. This concept features a natural source of vitamin C from acerola2 as well as Collaful™, a sustainable 3-in-1 hydrolyzed solution from chicken featuring collagen, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid. It also contains probiotics from Probi and provides functionality coupled with great-tasting, on-the-go convenience.
  • GlucoZen: A dietary powder drink with chromium to naturally support normal blood glucose levels and metabolism regulation. This concept also features Appl’In™, a clinically supported apple polyphenols and phlorizin solution5, as well as on-trend apple cider vinegar as an active ingredient2.

These concepts are a perfect demonstration of Symrise’s commitment to addressing consumers’ main health topics through innovative and inspiring solutions. To taste them, visit Symrise at Vitafoods Europe 2024, booth D106.

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2As part of the diana food™ portfolio
3Lessard-Lord et al., NPJ Biofilms, 2024
cBased on a letter from the competent French authorities (DGCCRF) on the use of the term “probiotics” as the name of a category of substances characterizing food supplements
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Vitafoods Europe 2024

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