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― Reference work for perfumers in fresh, artistic design
— Now with symbols for sustainable and high-impact fragrance ingredients

Symrise has profoundly reworked its perfumers’ compendium. The Holzminden-based group is now offering perfumers an updated edition of the detailed information about its fragrance ingredients. The updates include product identification and images and a register of renewable raw materials, among other things. This means that perfumers can recognize fragrance ingredients from renewable raw materials and high-impact fragrance ingredients at a glance with the help of special symbols.

In its recent edition of the perfumers’ compendium, Symrise connects science with art. Quotes from perfumers loosen up the presentation of data. Sorting by fragrance groups and an alphabetical register make it much easier for perfumers to search for fragrance ingredients. In addition, the new edition is structuring information about each fragrance ingredient according to the periodic table of the elements.

“Our entire expertise and passion for fragrances has gone into our perfumers’ compendium,” says Antonia Lauter, Global Marketing Manager Aroma Molecules at Symrise. “Perfumers may obtain detailed data about our fragrance ingredients and find inspiration. The informative and artistic overview of products encourages a variety of approaches to creative fragrance ideas.”

The perfumers’ compendium continues with a long tradition of the Holzminden-based company. Since 2003, it has been publishing its own reference works. Every three to four years, the fragrance specialists publish an updated catalog. The latest version has emerged from this decades-long database.