— Symrise offers more than 200 ingredients for cosmetics that comply with Islamic law

The Arabic word HALAL can be translated as “permitted” or “lawful” and refers to all things and actions that are permitted under Islamic law. Symrise as a global supplier of cosmetic ingredients understands the specific requirements of the growing Islamic population and provides a comprehensive palette of HALAL-certified products.


Symrise has HALAL-certified manufacturing facilities in Singapore and its headquarters in Holzminden, Germany which comply with the strict HALAL guidelines. The global supplier of cosmetic active ingredients and raw materials can therefore provide more than 200 products that are in accordance with the international HALAL regulations while meeting the care needs of Muslim users. “We are pleased to be able to offer our customers a wide range of ingredients bearing the HALAL seal thanks to our certified production facilities,” said Dr. Gabriele Vielhaber, Senior Vice President of the Cosmetic Ingredients division at Symrise.

Large Selection of HALAL-certified Cosmetic Ingredients

With its wide product range, Symrise offers a great variety of ingredients that are able to meet specific skin and hair care needs. The Frescolat® range of ingredients, for example, provides reliable cooling and refreshing benefits. In the established Micro Protection category Symrise provides a full set of ingredients that help in antimicrobial product and skin protection and mostly offer multifunctional benefits. Hydrolite® 5 green, for example, improves both, the look and consistency as well as the protection of the product and SymClariol® is a multifunctional ingredient, especially suited for oily scalp and anti-dandruff applications. Another core competence of Symrise are Active Ingredients with an extensive product offering covering particular consumer needs to care and protect against visible signs of aging, sensitive skin, environmental pollution, skin pigmentation or oily skin. SymCalmin® for example, calms skin irritations and soothes redness, which can occur due to, for example, the buildup of sweat. The SymHair® range offers solutions for hair care products. The ingredients can protect hair from dust and breakage and improve shine and combability.

Symrise’s extensive range of cosmetic ingredients includes many other Actives Ingredients, emollients, solubilizers, UV filters and plant extracts with HALAL certification. Due to the globally sustained growth of the Muslim population, products made in accordance with Islamic regulations will continue to be in greater demand than ever before, and Symrise is constantly working to expand its range of products correspondingly.