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— Five young talents appointed Perfumers after successful exams

— Individual masterpieces to demonstrate strong expertise and creativity

— Underscores Symrise commitment to build perfumery capabilities to best-in-class in the industry

Five Junior Perfumers of the Symrise Perfumery School have successfully passed their exams and have been named Perfumers effective immediately. About four years ago, they had embarked into the fascinating world of fragrances and since then learned everything about it at the various global Symrise locations. By presenting their masterpiece and thus crowning their achievements, the young perfumers passed their perfumery school exams and finished their intense studies. They will now strengthen the global fragrance expertise of Symrise working alongside experienced and seasoned senior and master perfumers, using high contents of Symrise fragrance materials and technologies.

During a festive ceremony, Achim Daub, President Scent & Care at Symrise, presented the certificates to Marion Becker, Marilia Duarte, Lisa Fleischmann, Nikolaj Koralewicz and Tanja Schumacher: “Congratulations and thank you for presenting such inspiring masterpieces. We feel very proud to be able to appoint today five young perfumers of your talent to our global perfumery force. With your inspiring passion for fragrances as well as your outstanding creativity and uncompromising desire to collaborate and share globally you will strongly contribute to further develop and strengthen our outstanding global perfumery team, our “Community of Creative Entrepreneurs”. We are looking forward to your inspiring work on future projects and fascinating new wins. I would also like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to our Master Perfumers and Senior Perfumers who undertook to educate and mentor our young talents during their school years at our headquarters as well as during their foreign assignments in the various rreative centers in developed and emerging markets around the world. Your dedication and commitment to this program is remarkable and strongly underlines our ambition to make the Symrise Perfumery School recognized globally for what it is: the best perfumery school in the industry.”

The five young people from France, Brazil and Germany have multifaceted backgrounds which they consolidated to create their individual masterpieces: a variety of coconut hair care fragrances for global editions, encapsulated fragrances for leave-in hair conditioners, a high performance deodorant fragrance, a blooming powder detergent and a fabric softener with substantivity using high impact raw materials from Symrise, food grade fragrances for dishwashing liquids – a must on the Chinese market, as well as hyposensitive fragrances for household and personal care applications to fulfill upcoming regulatory changes.

The jury of Symrise perfumers and top management representatives thoroughly evaluated the presentations putting great emphasis on creativity, an individual style and the ability to formulate using Symrise raw materials. They also assessed whether the young perfumers have gained profound knowledge of raw materials, bases and basic accords, understanding of Fine Fragrances archetypes and complex accords, proficiency in Home and Personal Care Fragrances as well as applied perfumery.

During their years of study at various global Symrise locations, the young talents studied the essentials of perfumery. This included the understanding of the different extraction techniques and chemical processes behind the ingredients of the Perfumers' palette. They also did intensive raw material studies and made creative discoveries. They were able to build a strong foundation of how to compose beautiful fragrances across different categories and geographies and, in the last two years of their studies were increasingly included in working on and winning actual customer briefs. All five young perfumers have passed their perfumery school exams by presenting their individual masterpieces, thus crowning their achievements and finishing their intense studies. The five newly appointed perfumers will fortify the global fragrance expertise of Symrise at the various global locations. They will join the various teams of experienced and seasoned senior and master perfumers, developing winning fragrances which will delight the consumers of our customers’ brands across the globe.

“Symrise has set itself ambitious goals in terms of fragrance excellence and the talent and passion of our young Perfumers as well as the commitment and the dedicated support of their mentors are essential to reach them”, says Béatrice Favre-Bulle, Senior Vice President Perfumery Academy at Symrise. “The motivation and team spirit of our new Perfumer Graduates is amazing and we are very excited by the perspective of successfully bringing their creations to consumers worldwide.”

Mathias Werner, Senior Perfumer and Principal Perfumery School at Symrise, adds: “Teaching and mentoring our young talents is very inspiring as new generations tend to have their own olfactory preferences and fresh views on how to approach creation. They are also very open-minded and together we could implement innovative global e-tuition tools, which will server future perfumer generations in their studies.”

About Symrise

Symrise is a global supplier of fragrances, flavorings, cosmetic base materials and substances, as well as functional ingredients. Its clients include manufacturers of perfumes, cosmetics, food and beverages, the pharmaceutical industry and producers of nutritional supplements and pet food.

Its sales of more than € 2.1 billion in the 2014 fiscal year place Symrise among the top three companies in the global flavors and fragrances market. Headquartered in Holzminden, Germany, the Group is represented in over 40 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the United States and Latin America.

Symrise works with its clients to develop new ideas and market-ready concepts for products that form an indispensable part of everyday life. Economic success and corporate responsibility are inextricably linked as part of this process. Symrise thus takes sustainability into account in every part of its corporate strategy. The company was awarded the German Sustainability Award in 2012. In 2013, Symrise was certified as a “Green Company” by DQS. Symrise – always inspiring more…

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