Palatability enhancer for carnivorous fish | Palatability enhancer | Article

— Palatability enhancer benefits have been demonstrated in several fish species and applications.

Over the past three years, Diana Aqua, recently renamed Symrise Aqua Feed, has issued several articles demonstrating the benefits of protein hydrolysatesbased palatability enhancers (PE) for aquafeed.

First, a wide range of applications has been illustrated in marine carnivorous fish species, and performance has been shown to be improved when using dietary PE: fishmeal replacement, medicated feed, environmental or husbandry stress mitigations (Seguin et al., 2020). Top coating application and a specific PE formulation, including marine protein hydrolysate, permitted to reduce its cost in use making it scalable to all fish growth stages, from larval to grow-out diets. Specific PE applications were successfully extrapolated to Asian seabass (Seguin et al., 2021) but also to Atlantic salmon, which industry is already very well optimized (Fournier & Herault, 2021).

More recently, it has increased tilapia and butter catfish (Ompok bimaculatus) feed acceptance with topcoated dietary protein hydrolysate supplementations (Herault et al., 2022), resulting in much lower farm feeding costs. Freshwater fish species are known require less diet nutritional compositions, or palatability.

Today, new results are available, and they highlight the long-term benefits of dietary PE supplementations in marine carnivorous fish species, despite significant dietary changes.

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