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Symrise will present its augmented AI Philyra at the World Perfumery Congress (WPC) in Miami at the end of June 2022.
— Augmented version focuses on renewable and biodegradable raw materials
— Added dimensions bring creativity growth thanks to real AI
— Symrise sets milestone at world's largest perfumery congress

Symrise will present its augmented AI Philyra at the World Perfumery Congress (WPC) in Miami at the end of June 2022. Philyra, whose name comes from Greek mythology and stands for "accompaniment of creation," now also enriches the creative work of perfumers with sustainable facets. Together with IBM Research, Symrise has been working on the evolution of its cognitive creativity based on artificial intelligence in perfumery over the past few years. Philyra 2.0 enables the targeted use of environmentally friendly and renewable raw materials, which perfumers can use to create innovative fragrance creations. Symrise is thus once again underpinning its role as a digital pioneer in the industry.

In the evolution of its AI Philyra, Symrise has given a leading role to environmental protection. The company combines innovative technology with its vision for sustainability to support the creation of sustainable fragrances. With the help of Philyra, perfumers will be able to create fragrances that contain renewable and readily biodegradable fragrance components. In doing so, they can take advantage of Symrise's unique range of sustainable and natural ingredients. "With Philyra 2.0, we are addressing the growing environmental awareness of customers and consumers. They want perfumes with innovative formulations and at the same time higher renewability and biodegradability scores of their fragrances," says Claire Viola, VP Digital strategy fragrance. The company is pioneering the perfume industry with its updated technology. It gives perfumers a unique, highly creative tool that incorporates sustainability considerations from the start. In addition, AI encourages new habits and experiences in perfume creation. "With Philyra, we can find new inspirations, I use it as creativity booster or to modernize iconic classics. The beauty of Philyra 2.0 is that I can now also develop fragrances with renewable as well as biodegradable raw materials," says Pierre Gueros, Senior Fine Fragrance Perfumer.

In the long term, Philyra aims to permanently support perfumers in developing creative and environmentally friendly fragrances within the shortest possible time. Philyra’s follows the final goal of incorporating consumer knowledge and neuroscience in the fragrance design.

Customers and consumers get excited about fragrance AI

Philyra also benefits Symrise's clients. Some are consciously using AI as a differentiator for their brand positioning. End customers, in turn, find fragrances created with AI exciting: " Early adopters show great interest in how AI influences the creation of fragrances," says Nathalie Benareau, Fine Fragrance Perfumer. We are opening a new era where a successful fragrance will result from the alchemy of perfumers’ experience, intuition and creativity combined with Philyra’s algorithm”, says Viola.

Symrise already achieved an initial success in 2018 in collaboration with IBM Research and the Brazilian cosmetics manufacturer Boticario. The resulting two fragrances, the first in the world to feature AI, were launched by Boticario in June 2019. Other customers followed suit in subsequent years. "We feel particularly proud that our partnership with IBM resulted in the first patent in fragrance computational creativity", Viola said. With the upgrade of Philyra, Symrise now aims to combine creative fragrances with high sustainability values. In doing so, the company is redefining perfumery for the modern age.

Symrise hosts more info on Philyra on YouTube: Philyra, Makes Perfect Scents - YouTube and on its Microsite Philyra - Symrise

Symrise will present its augmented AI Philyra at the World Perfumery Congress (WPC) in Miami at the end of June 2022.