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— Natural ingredient extracted from Mediterranean algae reducing greasy hair
— SymControl® Scalp won the first prize in the BSB Innovation Award category Natural Products/Raw Materials

With cutting edge technology, Symrise has developed a state-of-the-art ingredient from natural and sustainable sources to remedy oily scalp and hair. SymControl® Scalp reduces the production of sebum on the scalp with visible results in only one week. It makes hair healthier and offers protection against damages caused by harmful UV radiation. This natural ingredient – 99.4 % from natural origin – based on renewable microalgae Tetraselmis suecicais COSMOS, halal and kosher-certified. It has received the European BSB Innovation Award from the independent BSB consulting agency. The solution developed for shampoo, conditioner and hair tonic took first place in the Natural Products/Raw Material category for Natural Products/Raw Materials.

As a supplier of cosmetic ingredients, Symrise has once again demonstrated its position as an innovation leader with SymControl® Scalp. Cosmetics manufacturers can now offer consumers natural, easy-to-use care products for oily scalp and hair. “As an expert in hair and scalp care, we make sure that we are always up to date and that we develop highly effective, sustainable solutions for our customers,” says Marcia Paula, Global Product Director for Hair Care at Symrise. “We often find inspiration in nature with its wealth of valuable raw materials.”

After an extensive screening to solve sebum overproduction at its source, Tetraselmis Suecica extract has been selected as highly effective to reduce sebum levels. Combined with the naturally occurring Mannitol, the algae can also protect the scalp and hair from environmental stress. This unique patented combination leaves the scalp and hair feeling clean all day long and also helps to space out hair washes 25 % of global consumers are concerned by oily scalp and among them 54% have oily a result of increased sebum production more often. Stress, pollution, UV radiation, nutrition and intensive treatment also take their toll on the scalp. The Symrise innovation provides proven efficacy with visible results: tests confirm that SymControl® Scalp makes hair less oily in just one week.

Modern technology in the lab ensures visible results

For the development of innovations such as SymControl® Scalp, Symrise experts have created a new screening tool. The ex vivo model with sebaceous gland cultures provides results that can successfully be applied to in vivo applications, allowing Symrise to also expand its expertise in scalp care.

SymControl® Scalp generated with this unique approach to research won over the jury – after all, the initiators of the BSB European Innovation Award are interested in systematically promoting the global dissemination of knowledge and innovation.

Symrise promotes sustainable production and natural substances

This natural ingredient based on renewable microalgae results from blue biotechnology. Symrise produces the microalgae extract in a sustainable way – with an environmentally friendly production process and gentle extraction methods. The biomass grows outdoors with the aid of solar energy – and sustainably, with up-cycled CO2. “It lies in our DNA to identify innovative modes of action, natural substances and sustainable production,” says Marcia.