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— 100% bio-based, nature-derived
— High purity neat ingredient
— Perfectly suited for a wide range of traditional or natural/green cosmetic formulations
— Same high quality and performance as synthetic grades
— Enhances product protection, moisturizes the skin, improves the sensorial profile of formulations, regulates viscosity, provides wetting, etc.

Hydrolite® 8 green demonstrates the latest milestone in the innovation of green multifunctional ingredients at Symrise. With the same strong performance as the well-known and widely used synthetic grade, this caprylyl glycol comes from 100% bio-based sources. Symrise is producing it with its own proprietary technology. The USDA Biobased certified, COSMOS and NaTrue approved high purity neat ingredient works well in both traditional and natural/green cosmetic formulations.

Manufacturers of personal care products increasingly use multifunctional ingredients in their cosmetic formulations due to their ability to deliver multiple benefits with a single ingredient. They are solving both formulator’s challenges of increasing product versatility with fewer ingredients and growing consumer demand for simplicity and lower impact on the environment. This rising consumer interest in renewable raw materials and finished product development has recently led to innovations in green ingredients, including multifunctionals. At the same time, the personal care industry has increasingly used 1,2-alkanediols as multifunctional ingredients since the introduction of Hydrolite® 5 by Symrise 30 years ago. Caprylyl glycol has become a widely used popular choice in a variety of formulation types, known for reliably delivering strong performance and multiple benefits.

With Hydrolite® 8 green, Symrise offers the first high purity 100% bio-based grade of caprylyl glycol. Its benefits help to reduce formulation complexity while improving finished product properties. A robust portfolio of patent applications demonstrates the versatility of the ingredient. “Our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and to the evolving needs of customers and consumers is well known in the industry. We feel proud to introduce this new member of our range of high quality alkanediols, and multifunctionals in general. This represents the next versatile green ingredient that our customers can use in their formulations”, explains Dr. Balint Koroskenyi, Global Product Manager at Symrise.

Multiple benefits, long history of reliable performance

Caprylyl glycol looks back on a decades-long history of reliable performance as a multifunctional ingredient. It enjoys global popularity with formulators and consumers alike. Over the years, it has penetrated the personal care market to the extent of finding applications in virtually all skin care formulation types due to its versatility, compatibility, and performance. Its range of benefits include

  • Moisturizer for providing skin hydration
  • Improves sensorial profile including better pigment dispersion for more even color
  • Wetting agent for improving the dispersion of solids in the formula and increasing spreading
  • Product protection enhancer in synergy with many preservatives

“Symrise R&D continues its commitment to developing new products to meet the demands of our customers and consumers, and to usher the cosmetics industry into a more sustainable future. As a market leader, we have been anticipating future opportunities and consumer needs, and leading innovation to continue being at the forefront of the evolution of the market. Hydrolite® 8 green forms the latest example of our continued effort to address our customers’ expectations while meeting our high standards of quality”, says Imke Meyer, Vice President Global Innovation Cosmetic Ingredients at Symrise.

Driving a sustainable future

This new grade of caprylyl glycol offers all the properties, benefits, and high quality of the synthetic grade, Hydrolite® CG with a greater degree of sustainability due to its 100% biobased sourcing.

“The development of this high purity neat ingredient with 100% bio-based carbon content gives testament to our high standards of quality and sustainability. It also opens the door to new applications of the high-performance multifunctional ingredient, caprylyl glycol. In addition to its uncompromised efficacy as a product protection enhancer and to its multitude of other formulation and consumer benefits, it can now deliver value in green formulations or make traditional formulations greener”, adds Dr. Balint Koroskenyi.