— Inspiring stories about Symrise topics from the consumer’s perspective
— Captivating content from the worlds of scent, taste, care and nutrition
— Lifestyle and knowledge platform for aficionados of all kinds

Symrise is expanding its broad range of communication channels with a blog featuring articles about the fascinating worlds of scent, taste, care and nutrition. The company will take readers on an inspiring and entertaining journey. They will learn from a variety of perspectives about how Symrise products contribute to the well-being and health of people and pets, always with a view to responsibility for the environment and society.

Where does the vanilla in my ice cream come from? What about the lavender in my perfume? Or the onions in my gravy, the banana in the baby food and the nourishing ingredient in my lotion? What can I do to improve the well-being of my pet? What will we be eating and drinking in the next year? What will tomorrow’s beauty tips look like? Who ensures the quality of products? What role does sustainability play in this context?

A lot of people are asking themselves these kinds of questions. The Symrise blog, always inspiring more ..., gets to the bottom of them and provides answers. Sometimes surprising, sometimes with interesting facts, and sometimes just with nice stories.

“We want our content to attract consumer first. At the same time, investors, customers and employees may also gain exciting glimpses into the fascinating world of Symrise and its products,” explains Reinhard Mühe, who is responsible for digital media at Symrise and for starting the blog. “We want to communicate clearly and lytransparent with the public and show them that for us, creativity, knowledge and responsibility go hand in hand. Consumers want to know exactly who is developing and producing the products that they use every day. We also want to pick up on trends and provide a global view of the worlds of scent, taste, care and nutrition.”

Blog articles will also tell stories and detail backgrounds of the people behind the products and show how delighted they are to be working on them. They will provide insight into the many diverse cultures of the five continents and show where trends are developing.

In the article “Truth seekers,” readers can learn which group of consumer types they belong to, among other things. It asks questions like: “Do you spend a lot of time examining a product before you buy it, or do you just grab anything off the shelf?” The article “Are the dogs the new kids?” investigates the relationship between owners and pets, especially during the current coronavirus pandemic. It asks: “Do you love pets? What’s your pet’s worth?” A third article takes you on a trip to Seoul to explore current beauty trends that have already provided much inspiration for products in Europe and America.

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