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Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients introduces Clear Beauty
— Product launches across various categories with environmentally friendly ingredients
— Reaching greater heights in ingredient innovation
— Clear Beauty approach elevates leading position in sustainability

Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients is presenting its product launches and Clear Beauty concept at booth H80 at in-cosmetics 2022 in Paris. Products include solutions for sun protection, hair care, a sustainable moisturizing ingredient, and a bio-based multifunctional substance. Also, a vegan collection of plant milks enriches the botanicals portfolio. Symrise experts will also feature in-depth presentations with a focus on natural sourcing and renewable ingredients, rounded off by a microbiome-friendly R&D sun care tour. The leading international cosmetics trade fair is taking place from April 5 – 7, 2022.

The ‘Clear Beauty’ experience

As consumers are pushing for more clarity of the ingredients in their beauty products, Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients presents its idea of Clear Beauty focusing on three fundamental pillars: environmentally safe, sustainable & ethical, and safe for the skin. Symrise will showcase its ‘Clear Beauty’ approach through a selection of inspirational concepts at the Product Experience Bar. Clear Beauty reflects the Symrise approach to creating cosmetic ingredients with purpose.

Revealing latest ingredient innovations

Celebrating 30 years of expertise in product protection, Symrise continues to implement the greenification of the Microprotection portfolio with the launch of Hydrolite® 8 green. The ingredient supports the sustainability goals of Symrise by offering customers the first high quality 100% biobased neat Caprylyl Glycol and allowing them to explore sustainable alternatives for their natural products. A unique molecule launched in 2021, Hydrolite® 7 green has entered the contest for the Innovation award a finalist in the Functionals category at in-cosmetics.

SymHair® Thermo takes hair care innovation to the next level with its natural complex against thermal heat. The cosmetic active creates a film that protects the hair against heat damage. It also improves the long-lasting styling, even in high humidity environments.

Created through an upcycling process from fermentation, SymFerment® turns a postbiotic into a new generation of moisturizers. The ingredient strengthens the skin barrier by supporting filaggrin production. It provides immediate skin moisturizing and smoothing benefits.

As consumers continue to look for effective, safe, and natural sun care products, the launch of Neo Heliopan® ZnO offers customers a range of mineral inorganic sunscreens. The recently launched range of mineral UV filters features Zinc Oxide grades.

The novel Plant Milks Vegan Collection features three organic milks: oat, almond and coconut. Sustainably sourced via a unique upcycling approach and with full traceability, the three milks offer an alternative to traditional milk options that also promote skin benefits such as moisturizing and soothing.

An inspiring Aloe Vera Collection, sustainably sourced from Mexico, features high quality botanicals with full traceability and transparency in the sourcing process. Furthermore, it uses a totem approach to value every part of the plant to produce as many valuable botanical extracts as the plant can offer.

Experts leading key sessions during the trade show

Mireia Lopez, application technologist, will lead a session during the Formulation Lab® program on April 5 for visitors interested in creating healthy and sustainable formulas for the skin and scalp.
Crinipan® PMC green, a dandruff control ingredient, forms the highlight of a technical seminar on Wednesday, April 6, which Dr. Florian Genrich, Sr. Global Product Manager for Skin Protection, presents.

Marcia Paula, Global Category Director for Hair Care, will present the novel hair active SymHair® Thermo the following day on Thursday, April 7.

Arnaud Bellon, Senior VP of Sustainability and Scent+, and Marie-Pascale Rogier, Global Project Leader Nagoya, Natural Sourcing & Sustainability, will present in the Sustainability Corner on April 7 explaining how Symrise drives innovation for sustainability and more specifically, how it ensures traceability and transparency in the supply chain process by unveiling a new digital application called Track4Trust™. The digital application won the 1st prize of the BSB award in the Most Innovative Applied Concept category.

An R&D Tour on April 7 will focus on Sun Care and Skin Protection led by Ev Suess, Global Head of BU Sun, Functionals & Colors. It will answer the question of how Symrise uses research and development to study the effects of sun protection and the skin microbiome.

Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients introduces Clear Beauty