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Symrise designates seven perfumers
— Promising scent talents pass final exams of perfumery school
— Acquisition of comprehensive fragrance expertise in research and creation
— Four to five years of training includes stations around the world

Symrise is strengthening its team of perfumers. Seven rising talents from four countries recently completed their education successfully at the Symrise Perfumery School. They received their certificates on January 17, 2019. During their four to five years of study, the students learned the perfumer’s craft at several locations around the world. In the future, they will produce creations as perfumers for Symrise in France, China, Brazil and the USA.

The students mastered the final hurdles with flying colors: After the candidates passed their final exams and successfully presented a research project, Symrise appointed Leslie Gauthier, Marine Ipert, Jamie Tan Yuping, Suthathip Thedvichienchai, Emma Yao Wei, Laure Breysse and Suzy Le Helley as perfumers. In front of a panel of experts, they demonstrated what they had learned during their four years of study. The examination task required the students to make one soap, one hair rinse and one fabric softener using jasmine, lily of the valley and ylang-ylang blossoms. The panel was very satisfied with the result.

In the second part of the exam, the students presented their final theses, called “masterpieces” in the lingo of the program, to the jury. Similar to producing a doctoral thesis, this required them to complete an independent research project. The examiners looked for creativity, individual style and the ability to use raw materials from the palette used by Symrise. The students confidently met these requirements, too. For example, Suzy Le Helley extracted a new fragrance substance from longoza seeds. This plant grows in Madagascar.

“A good perfumer sets trends with his or her own fragrance creations,” said Achim Daub, President Scent & Care at Symrise. “Our graduates gain this ability by studying at the industry-renowned Symrise Perfumery School.”

International assignments make students experts in regional characteristics
The students study at various locations during their time with the Symrise Perfumery School. The two compulsory years of study in Holzminden are complemented by assignments in the most influential creative centers in Europe, the USA, Brazil, Mexico and Shanghai. In this way, they learn the basics of perfumery. This includes comprehensive knowledge of the various techniques and chemical processes used to extract fragrance substances.

The curriculum also includes intensive raw material studies and creative work. With this course content, the young noses were able to gradually acquire knowledge about fragrance compositions, for which they gained more in-depth practical experience in the final part of their training in actual customer projects. “During their study abroad, our students gain experience and therefore understanding of the particular characteristics of global markets, consumers and cultures,” said Béatrice Favre-Bulle, Senior Vice President Perfumery Excellence & Sustainability, Global Fragrances & Ingredients Management, Scent & Care Division at Symrise. “These experiences help them to create fragrances that meet the preferences of modern consumers and especially millennials.”

Exciting locations around the globe

The new perfumers are using their knowledge in their current locations in France, China, Brazil and the USA. The focus of the course of study played an important role in choosing the respective locations. Leslie Gauthier, Marine Ipert, Jamie Tan Yuping, Emma Yao Wie and Suthathip Thedvichienchai completed the five-year Symrise Perfumery School program. In the future, they will create fragrances for different product categories and craft their own style.

Laure Breysse and Suzy Le Helley chose the four-year Global Fragrances and Ingredients Management (GFIM) program. Symrise needs their expertise for creative solutions and alternative raw materials to adapt fragrance creations to evolving regulatory requirements. “The time at the Symrise Perfumery School means a lot to me. We students grew together as a team,” said Suzy Le Helley. “I can't wait to work with my colleagues on global customer projects.”

While the seven perfumers have now completed their apprenticeships, the Perfumery School is preparing a new generation of talents for graduation. The three students from the class of 2017 have just passed their intermediate academic exams and have been appointed as junior perfumers. Another six trainees started their studies in January 2019 and are at the beginning of their inspiring fragrance journey.

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Suzy Le Helley
Laure Breysse
Jamie Tan Yuping
Leslie Gauthier
Emma Yao Wei
Marine Ipert
Suthathip Thedvichienchai