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Symrise develops SymHair® Thermo, a sustainable ingredient to protect hair from heat
— SymHair® Thermo makes styling easier and provides long-lasting effects
— A haircare cosmetic active ingredient from natural origin

Symrise is launching a novel kind of natural ingredient called SymHair® Thermo. It protects hair from heat. It shortens the time needed to use thermal styling tools, such as curling irons, and provides long-lasting styling effects at high humidity. The Holzminden Group has delivered a sustainable alternative to the synthetic silicones in use so far. SymHair® Thermo works well in leave-on shampoos, conditioners, and care products. Symrise introduced the product at the in-cosmetics trade fair in Paris in April 2022. It has also and won the 1st prize at the BSB Innovation Awards in the “Natural Products & Raw Materials” category.

The effectiveness of SymHair® Thermo comes from the association of Polyporus umbellatus mushroom. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has used it for centuries. It contains a high number of polysaccharides, hyaluronic acid, and saccharides. Thanks to this unique composition, the ingredient forms a film on the surface of the hair fiber that protects it from heat damage. Hair styling tools, such as hair dryers and flat irons, can cause damage to the hair as most tools reach temperatures up to 240 degrees Celsius.

At the same time, SymHair® Thermo also simplifies hair styling with thermal appliances, because the desired effect occurs faster. This reduces the hair exposure time to heat. In addition, the ingredient provides long-lasting styling effects also at high humidity.

“Using styling tools in daily hair care routines can deeply damage your hair,” says Marcia Paula, Global Category Director Hair Care at Symrise. “Consumers are looking for products that make their hair healthy and beautiful. With SymHair® Thermo, we combine heat protection, easier styling, and long-lasting effectiveness in one ingredient.”

Lower environmental impact due to natural origin

SymHair® Thermo’s natural origin makes it particularly attractive to formulators as it contains Polyporus umbrellatus mushroom in its composition. This rare, edible species grows on tree trunks in forests and delivers a key ingredient in TCM. Its unique substances make the mushroom a valuable component in cosmetic ingredients.

“Protection of the climate and the environment forms an integral component of our corporate strategy,” says Paula. “We are always looking for ways to manufacture cosmetics more sustainably. SymHair® Thermo once again highlights our commitment to innovating with sustainability top of mind.”

Symrise develops SymHair® Thermo, a sustainable ingredient to protect hair from heat