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Diana Food, the leader in natural culinary solutions
― Videos available from June 1, 2021
― To inspire a culinary voyage around the world

Symrise Diana Food, the leader in natural culinary solutions, announces the premier of a collection of culinary recipe videos. They showcase their outstanding portfolio of natural culinary solutions. The series starts with currently eight videos, highlighting four regions of the globe. Vinifer Dutia, Culinary Business Manager for North America, states, “Symrise Diana Food wants to inspire chefs to embark on an authentic culinary voyage around the world.”

The videos show the Symrise Diana Food chefs preparing recipes such as Thai Tom Yum Gai, Colored Arepas and West African Peanut Stew. The chefs incorporate in a step by step approach Symrise Diana Food’s Natural Culinary Solutions into the recipes to enhance them and creating delicious variations of food favorites from all parts of the world.

Symrise Diana Food’s Natural Culinary Solutions offer bold and complex taste profiles, replicating home kitchen processes on an industrial scale. They eliminate some of the more time-consuming food preparation steps inherent in many traditional recipes. In addition to vegetable and fruit ingredients, Symrise Diana Food offers natural, sustainable chicken ingredients that food manufacturers can trust. Their wide palette of clean label chicken broths, chicken powders, purified chicken fat and chicken pieces features a large palette of intense taste profiles and consistent taste impact.

Symrise Diana Food starts their Natural Culinary Solutions with the highest quality raw materials available, sourced responsibly from their own network of farmers. They believe that strength in culinary must begin right at the source. By selecting and growing the absolute best that nature offers they can deliver culinary ingredients that meet and often exceed consumer expectations. Vinifer Dutia, explains, “We like to say that we have embedded culinary into our DNA. This starts right at the beginning of our history and we’ve become backwards integrated in the core elements of culinary: vegetables, chicken & seafood, wine & vinegars and fruits.”

Symrise Diana Food’s strengths also include their commitment to sustainability and agronomy. At Diana Food, sustainability finds its expression by responsible innovation and responsible sourcing to minimize their environmental footprint. They work in close collaboration with farmers and producers in an effort manage energy and water consumption, and to valorize side streams. And their expertise in agronomy comes from a global team of in-house agronomists who work in partnership with growers to deliver the highest quality product available.

To watch this series of videos, and get inspired to go on a culinary journey around the world, click here.