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Symrise files a range of patent applications for its multifunctional cosmetic ingredient Hydrolite® 7 green
― Substantiates innovative role in the cosmetic ingredients market
— Demonstrates strong ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability
— 100 % bio-based 1,2-alkanediol from castor bean oil for product protection

Symrise has filed a range of patent applications to support the launch of Hydrolite® 7 green. The unique 100 % bio-based 1,2-alkanediol is derived from sustainably sourced castor bean oil and makes the green multifunctional ingredient for product protection a real novelty on the market.

Dedication to innovation and sustainability

Symrise has dedicated years of research and investment to develop a truly unique green multifunctional for product protection. “With the patent filings for Hydrolite® 7 green, we are demonstrating our commitment to continue our leadership in the market as an innovative company. The many years of effort of our scientists and the support of our management that lead to the successful launch of this product give a testament to our sincere commitment to sustainability”, explains Imke Meyer, Vice President of Global Innovation Cosmetic Ingredients at Symrise.

The 100 % bio-based material is distinctively derived from sustainably sourced castor bean plant. Symrise’s multifunctional ingredients offer multiple benefits and reduce formulation complexity. Addressing the specific market need, Symrise R&D ran numerous tests to study synergism, identify important applications and compositions, and generate data. This allowed the company to file a robust IP portfolio that showcases the uniqueness of the novel product. Hydrolite® 7 green has won the 2nd place of the BSB Innovation Award in the Environment Category and Recipients Section and was the runner up for the GSK Environmental Supplier Award.

Commitment to customers and consumers

Symrise strives to support its customers in their endeavors to develop next generation formulations for a sustainable future and consumers in enjoying safe and environmentally friendly products. The robust IP portfolio behind the ingredient supports and safeguards customers’ product development and includes a number of patent applications that cover multiple cosmetic compositions.

The composition patents highlight unique properties and synergistic combinations of Hydrolite® 7 green with a large selection of cosmetic ingredients, such as actives, UV filters, oils, antioxidants, antimicrobials, etc. The wide range of compositions covered in the IP will allow Symrise’s customers to leverage the exceptional properties and benefits of this unique multifunctional ingredient in order to create equally exceptional cosmetic formulations of their own.

“These patent applications demonstrate our expertise and commitment to innovation and underline the unique features and benefits for our customers of this truly novel multifunctional ingredient. Hydrolite® 7 green also perfectly complements our product protection portfolio, treading the path towards a more sustainable future of cosmetics”, says Balint Koroskenyi, Global Product Manager at Symrise.