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— For use from scalp to toe
— Readily biodegradable alternative to zinc pyrithione

Symrise is repositioning its multifunctional skin care emollient SymClariol® (decylene glycol) to better focus on the ingredient’s strengths. So far, the ingredient belonged to the product protection portfolio. The company is now re-launching it under the category of skin protection/hygiene. SymClariol® recently received an award for its balancing effect on the scalp microbiome when used in a professional hair care range.

With SymClariol®, Symrise is offering an emollient with antimicrobial properties that protects the skin from scalp to toe. Among other functions, the ingredient supports dandruff control concepts. It also works well in skin care products for acne-prone and oily skin. SymClariol® can go into foot care products, too, as it prevents odors and comes with protective properties. The ingredient is suitable for rinse-off or leave-on personal care formulations including hair and skin care products. This makes it the perfect addition to the hygiene portfolio for cosmetic ingredients. It also means the company can provide a China compliant alternative to the anti-dandruff active zinc pyrithione, recently banned from cosmetics in European Union.

From product protection to skin protection

Decylene glycol comes with the most lipophilic nature (fat- and oil-soluble, not water soluble) of Symrise’s 1,2-alkanediol range. Its physico-chemical nature combined with antimicrobial activity make it the ideal cosmetic ingredient for protecting the skin rather than the product. “We have taken an in depth look at SymClariol®’s capabilities. With its relaunch, we are emphasizing the best of the ingredient. Our versatile ingredient is globally compliant. Formulators can use it in many concepts from scalp to toe. This makes it so special,” says Laura Meunier, Global Product Manager at Symrise.

Woman sitting on a bathtub