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— Multifunctional ingredient with DMF dossier
— Suitable for customers in the pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic industries
— Sustainable and renewable raw material based on up-cycling side streams from the sugar cane industry

25 years after the launch of its multifunctional ingredient Hydrolite® 5, Symrise is now launching its pharmaceutical grade Pentylene Glycol, Hydrolite® 5P. A Drug Master File (DMF) is available for this product, which will introduce the benefits of Hydrolite®5 green to the pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic industries. The ingredient uses a by-product of the sugar cane industry and brings sustainable benefits from a renewable source.

“Hydrolite® 5P hydrates the skin and bolsters the efficacy of active ingredients used in the formulations” says Najeeb Hakimi, Product Manager at Symrise. “With Hydrolite® 5P, our customers can improve the efficacy of formulations with the same dose of active ingredients.” Hydrolite® 5P enhances formulation esthetics and improves the skin feel of formulations. And because it can aid the product protection system, it helps reduce the amount of preservatives used in a product.

Hydrolite® 5P is entirely made from the by-product from the sugar cane industry. It perfectly fits into the sustainability strategy of Symrise. Within this strategy, the company emphasizes the importance of comprehensive transparency that benefits customers and end consumers.