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Trendscope™ meta-analysis
— Combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods
— Important basis for the development of consumer-oriented taste solutions
— Natural, healthy, and climate-friendly products particularly demanded by consumers

Naturalness, health, and climate-friendliness play an increasingly significant role in food and beverages. Premium products are also becoming more important. These findings revealed the current version of the Trendscope™ metanalysis, which Symrise conducts regularly. With this trend tool, Symrise provides an overview of current and future developments in food and beverages. The study combines qualitative and quantitative research methods and serves as an important basis for the development of consumer-preferred taste, nutrition, and health solutions.

The Trendscope™ metanalysis provides comprehensive information on trends as well as five dedicated reports for the beverages, culinary, dairy, snacks, and sweet categories. These show items, such as trend manifestations, product examples and emerging flavors and ingredients.

“Trendscope™ allows us to continually observe consumer behavior and to examine current trends,” says Leif Jago, Global Marketing Manager Food & Beverages at Symrise. “We consider this very important since consumer wishes for food and beverages change over time.”

Various methods of analysis combined

Trendscope™ relies on a combination of different methods of analysis. The qualitative research contains a metanalysis of consumer reports, start-up screening and social media listening. The quantitative research comprises a metanalysis of existing studies and market reports as well as surveys related to consumer behavior and mindsets. This goes hand in hand with an analysis of global urban hot spots. For this, Symrise conducted twenty-four interviews in twelve locations with selected trendsetters like food bloggers, journalists, and trend scouts.

This combination of analysis makes it possible to precisely decode and validate trends. The tool’s global scope also allows to tailor trends to regional specifics. Based on this, Symrise can develop taste solutions and tailor them to consumer demands in specific categories. This, in turn, helps Symrise customers to respond to these decoded consumer desires with food and beverages.

Twelve consumer trends identified in four clusters

Symrise has identified twelve consumer trends in total, which we can subdivide into four clusters. “Natural Goodness” focuses on consumers who want to make a positive contribution to protecting the environment and the climate with their nutrition. These consumers increasingly value regenerative agriculture and biodiversity. Another cluster relates to “Healthy Lifestyle.” Today, many consumers want to live healthily and to use their nutrition to improve their gut health or immune system. At the same time, they want products that add fun, pleasure, and convenience to healthy eating.

The “Premium Indulgence” cluster represents a third trend. Brands drive it that meet ethical as well as environmental criteria. Personalized offerings are also getting increasingly important. The “Emotional Discoveries” cluster is ultimately concerned with navigating the effects boosted by the pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic has led many people to spend more time at home, and they are looking for ways to elevate this experience. They prefer comforting tastes that provide both a sense of security and taste adventures for their inner child.

“The coronavirus pandemic accelerated the development of trends and strengthened existing consumer wishes,” says Jago. “Trendscope™ allows us to understand the changing demands and to react to them. Using our technological expertise, we can develop the corresponding taste, nutrition, and health solutions for our customers’ products.”

Trendscope™ meta-analysis