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Sulfacid® technology
— First application of Sulfacid® technology in the industry
— Reflects Symrise commitment to a cleaner and safer future
— Pioneering ways to improve environmental footprint and to valorize side streams

Symrise has started operation of the Sulfacid® technology at its production site in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. The process eliminates gas emissions and recovers sulphur components and converts them into other products. These are reused in other production processes, supporting the practice of circular economy.

The system is designed to treat over-the-fence emissions, and to deliver operating performance, efficiency, highest standards of safety and to reduce maintenance and lifecycle costs. This technological feature is the result of a partnership between Symrise and the technology provider, Carbon Process & Plant Engineering S.A. (CPPE). The multinational expert in the field of treatment of gases discharge is supported by a team of expert chemical and mechanical engineers, as well as state-of-the-art Research and Development facilities and staff.

A Thermal Oxidizer is handling sulphur containing process vapors and providing a VOC (volatile organic compounds) destruction rate of greater than 99%. Symrise is focused on continuing to achieve new performance gains and environmental requirements. “We are raising the bar by implementing the Sulfacid® technology as we further improve our environmental footprint.” says Dr. Norbert Richter, Global President, Aroma Molecules Division of Symrise.