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Symrise launches SymReboot OC
— Sustains the oral cavity’s instinctive defenses and supports a healthy balance of the oral microbiome
— Promotes healthy gums, strengthens the oral cavity barrier
— Soothes and protects from harmful bacteria
— Suits a wide range of oral care products incl. toothpaste, mouthwash, gum care and lozenges

SymReboot™ OC complements the Symrise biotics range as a novel COSMOS approved soothing ingredient with proven efficacy in strengthening gums and promoting a healthy oral microbiome. Symrise produces it with the same True Biotic technology as for its skin and scalp care ingredient SymReboot™ L19 and offers manufacturers of oral care products the ongoing expertise of Symrise probiotic research.

The use of probiotics in oral care products is becoming more widespread and global consumers are embracing the proven health benefits. Market insights by Symrise show that 69 % of consumers like the idea of using toothpaste with probiotics, 63 % expect from toothpastes to soothe sensitive gums and 36 % expect it to maintain their overall dental health.

SymReboot™ OC meets these expectations by promoting a healthy oral microbiome. It strengthens the oral mucosa barrier and soothes the oral cavity, as well as promoting the maintenance of healthy gums and preventing gum issues. It also protects from harmful bacteria.

Research based on Lactobacilli

SymReboot™ OC results from proprietary research focusing on biofilms grown in the Symrise ex vivo oral biofilm model. It consists of the mildly heat-treated Lactobacillus plantarum HEAL19 with an intact bacterial structure, a specific strain of bacteria isolated and owned by Swedish company Probi, one of the leading suppliers of probiotic ingredients. Due to their intact bacterial structure, the heat-treated probiotics are behaving like probiotics, while no longer viable. They offer multiple benefits for the oral cavity, including sustaining its instinctive defenses for a strengthened barrier and supporting a healthy balance of the microbiome. The product works without preservatives and comes in powder form. Final products manufacturers may find this technology easy to handle and further integrate into formulas.
Expanding the Symrise biotics range

SymReboot™ OC adds a high quality ingredient to the Symrise biotics range, building on the success of SymReboot™ L19 to expand the scope and effective use of probiotics-based ingredients in oral care and cosmetics.

“SymReboot™ OC clearly endorses the Symrise expertise and the company’s close ongoing partnership with Probi. In developing SymReboot™ L19, this collaboration aimed at opening up innovative horizons for cosmetics manufacturers for probiotic skin care products. Now, SymReboot™ OC is moving things forward by bringing this unique knowledge and approach to the oral care market”, says  Léa Schmidt, Global Product Manager Actives at Symrise.

Symrise launches SymReboot OC