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creation of satisfying plant-based protein products
― Helping to overcome the main consumption barrier for plant-based protein products while delivering against customer needs for solution efficacy and cost effectiveness
― Taking a global approach that covers all key product categories
― Guiding deep consumer and market understanding of naturalness, good-for you products and a sustainable diet

Symrise has bundled and reinforced its taste solutions for plant protein products. This makes the company the ideal partner for manufacturers wanting to offer consumers the full variety of taste in their plant-based offering. The company is addressing the changing attitudes towards meat and traditional dairy products with this. Factors including health motivations, the growing popularity of flexitarian diets, and a desire to benefit the environment by feeding the world’s population responsibly are driving this trend.

Plant-based products are no longer niche, with various international consumer groups embracing them for healthier and, more sustainable alternatives to traditional meat and dairy products. Accordingly, sales of plant-based meat alternatives are soaring, especially in Asia, the U.S. and Europe, with more and more investment in companies (especially start-ups) that offer protein alternatives/variants, reflected by a growing number of large companies trying to obtain a share of this fast-growing market.

In this context, Symrise helps food and beverage manufacturers meet emerging consumer demands regarding plant-based protein products by constantly analyzing consumer sentiment and market changes. These insights guide Symrise’s creation of integrated solutions for alternative protein products. In particular, Symrise provides authentic taste solutions for products tasting like meat as well as vegetarian culinary and dairy alternatives. The latter want to offer a true alternative to meat with their own appealing taste or dairy consumer experiences.

Symrise’s culinary toolbox features a three-fold approach by

1.    Masking undesirable protein off-notes.
The company’s proprietary Proti-scan technology helps to identify the specific off-notes to then optimally balance these.

2.    Enrichment.
Adding richness, juiciness and taste complexity through the use of specific taste blocks.

3.    Typification.
Impart a specific meaty or vegetable taste profile.

Applying these proprietary tools and taste ingredients, Symrise helps customers overcome one of the main barriers to consumer adoption, often rooted in unfavorable taste which they might experience otherwise. Also, Symrise helps manufacturers to add depth and appeal to plant-based alternatives and products that deliver what consumers are looking for – unique and authentic taste experiences.

“Clearly, products that embrace alternative proteins depend for their success on great taste and integrated solutions. Symrise’s integrated solutions masking the unwanted off-notes of proteins and fibers while providing superior juiciness and richness and, of course, great tastes that are more than a match for traditional products”, says Marieke Hamschmidt, Junior Global Marketing Manager – Flavor & Nutrition Division Symrise.

By combining the best of nature with the best of science – proprietary technologies developed over more than 140 years – Symrise can bring deep-rooted technical acumen to understanding and optimizing plant protein bases. Furthermore customers benefit from Symrise’s unique backward integration, enabling transparent sourcing of raw materials of superior quality.

creation of satisfying plant-based protein products