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Symrise presents “feel-good moments all day long” at PLMA’s “World of Private Label” in Amsterdam
— Showcase of food and beverage ingredients that enable feel-good moments
— Product portfolio tailored to the wishes of consumers
— Focus on naturalness, sustainability, and taste balance

Symrise will present its food and beverage product portfolio for the private label sector at the Private Label Manufacturers Association’s (PLMA) international trade show in Amsterdam from May 30 to June 1, 2022. At booth F-503 in Hall 8, the Holzminden-based Group will focus on products from all categories that create feel-good moments all day long – from energy boosters in the morning to indulgent wind-downs in the evening. Symrise is thereby addressing the consumer preferences it has identified in consumer studies and via its Trendscope™ trend platform, which have shown that consumers are currently mostly looking to fill emotional and physical needs. The products on display vividly illustrate the company’s capabilities. These range from Symlife® taste balancing solutions to the natural ingredients of code of nature™.

Consumers around the world are currently facing a challenging environment shaped by the coronavirus, political crises and the associated bottlenecks, price increases and inflation. One way of coping relates to buying products that meet emotional and physical needs. Retailers as well as food and beverage manufacturers are always looking for articles that meet these demands. And Symrise provides them with concepts that create feel-good moments all day long.

These concepts help consumers start their days healthfully and energetically and finish them feeling relaxed and calm. The product range includes taste solutions for products made with plant proteins and those that balance taste in sugar-, salt- and fat-reduced products, as well as products with sustainable ingredients from bananas, vanilla, and citrus fruits. Customers can use these flavorings and ingredients in all product categories including baby food, snacks, and beverages.

“Our analyses show that consumers around the world are increasingly paying attention to naturalness, health, premium indulgence and emotional connectivity when choosing food and beverages,” says Lilian Regnier, Sales VP EAME TN&H. “From flavorings to natural ingredients, we enable manufacturers to develop products tailored to these trends.”

Symrise showcases combined expertise in Taste, Nutrition & Health

Europe represents an important market for Symrise as a supplier to private label manufacturers. Private labels now account for more than 40 percent of all products sold in seven European countries and for more than 30 percent in another nine countries in Europe.

The PLMA trade show thus forms an important opportunity for the Holzminden-based Group to share information with European retailers and wholesalers. Purchasers as well as importers and exporters look specifically for inspiration and products that can help their private label programs grow and make them successful. These range from alternatives with a balanced cost-benefit ratio to innovative premium lines. As first in Europe, this audience will hear about Symrise’s combined Taste, Nutrition & Health segment, with which the Group wants to contribute to tastier, better, and healthier lives.

“The PLMA trade show provides us with an important opportunity for dialogue with new and existing customers from the European market and to present our food and beverage product range,” says Regnier. “We also want to use the platform to win over cooperation partners, with a view to the joint development of innovations.”

Symrise presents “feel-good moments all day long” at PLMA’s “World of Private Label” in Amsterdam