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PLMA 2019
— Focus on tasty solutions for natural and health-conscious nutritional trends
— Ideas for products based on alternative and plant proteins
— Presentation at private label trade show in Amsterdam

Visitors can "Experience Nature's Taste" at the Symrise stand at the PLMA private label trade show in Amsterdam. The company will also present concepts that food manufacturers can use to offer conscious nutrition with full flavor. At Stand F-8105 in Hall 8, Symrise will demonstrate what variety on supermarket shelves can look like for conscious consumers: low- or non-alcoholic variants of popular beverages; modern, low-calorie ready meals, and snacks and solutions for products with alternative and plant proteins.

PLMA, the Association of Private Label Manufacturers, will hold its European trade show in Amsterdam from May 21 to 22, 2019. Symrise will attend with natural and exciting creations that pick up on and develop current nutrition trends. In concrete terms, the company will present its natural offerings in various product categories, in keeping with the slogan "Experience Nature's Taste." In doing so, Symrise is responding to the growing demand for natural and authentic food and beverage products, going beyond taste with its comprehensive, sustainable approach.

Celebration without remorse

Teenagers and young adults are increasingly turning to non-alcoholic drinks when they spend time together. A reason is their increased health-consciousness and awareness of their own images on social media. Beverage manufacturers can expand their product range to reach this customer group, winning them over with ideas about natural, non-alcoholic and low-alcohol flavors. Symrise offers various solutions for celebration without intoxication. This is particularly interesting with regard to the highly popular special – and often regional – craft beers, since non-alcoholic variants of these beverages are difficult to produce. Symrise's natural hop extracts make non-alcoholic beers possible that have the characteristic bitter-tart flavor of an Indian Pale Ale. Lovers of cocktails will also find what they're looking for: With its long experience in distillation and flavor extraction processes, Symrise has created a juniper-based raw material that affords a gin and tonic flavor even when the beverage contains little or no gin.

Meat-free alternatives

Products based on alternative and vegetable proteins are very popular. Consumers want to reduce their meat consumption while eating a diet that is high-protein, nutritionally conscious and sustainable. At the same time, all components such as taste, consistency and appearance must meet consumers' requirements for meat-free or meat-reduced foods. When it comes to vegetarian and vegan foods, Symrise is taking innovative paths by creating compelling taste profiles for meatless meatballs, falafel, etc. Symrise is thus satisfying the global demand for meat-free alternatives and providing taste profiles with an enjoyment factor.

Organic convenience foods on the advance

Organically grown and processed products are currently among the most important nutritional trends. Across Europe, the market for animal, vegetable and environmentally-friendly food products grew by 22 percent from 2016 to 2017. The market for organic convenience foods is also showing strong growth of four to five percent annually in Germany and France, and eight to nine percent in Italy and Spain. Symrise brings its expertise in the processing of herbs and vegetables to bear with its vegetable couscous, creating an intense, healthy and pleasurable experience that requires simple preparation and has an all-natural taste.

Snack variety

What applies to main meals has also reached the world of snacks. The demands of many customers are increasing, and foods with less sugar and more flavor varieties are very popular. Crackers with coconut and sesame seeds with a sugar and salt glaze provide an unexpected and well-rounded combination that is made from all-natural ingredients. Symrise is also rethinking the classic granola bar: the carrot-orange bar contains 30 percent less sugar than comparable products and is also a proven provider of vitamin A.
Symrise will present a broad spectrum of further ideas, concepts and products at the trade show that enable food and beverage manufacturers to align their product range with the growing demand for natural and healthy products.