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Symrise ProtiScan
– Novel analysis method to characterize alternative proteins
– Smart in-house data processing to characterize sensory properties of plant proteins
– Research-driven product development of foods on the basis of alternative proteins

With ProtiScan™, Symrise offers its customers an analytical approach for the understanding and the assessment of alternative protein sources and applications. The approach links knowledge about proteins with sensory and consumer-driven data. This way, Symrise can develop predictive models that result in efficient product development for its customers through well-suited and well-performing solutions.

The market for meat and dairy alternatives is rapidly growing. The broad variety of plant protein sources, raw materials, technical and sensory characteristics requires a 360° understanding to develop tasty products. With Protiscan™, Symrise is taking a significant step forward in its research approach, which will accelerate the innovation process and can help to meet fast-growing consumer demand for the alternative protein products that they prefer. In addition, it helps to address the challenge of creating superior tastes while satisfying the discerning expectations of vegans, vegetarians and those looking to embrace a more plant-based lifestyle.

With Protiscan™, Symrise can analyze and characterize diverse protein sources. It also helps to balance foreign off-notes and achieve the optimal flavor release. It links knowledge about plant-based proteins ranging from sensory to consumer-driven data with the technical properties of the protein sources. This enables the development of predictive models, which lead to well-performing taste solutions and thus to efficient product development for customers. Protiscan™ characterizes raw material profiles through the rapid, highly sensitive, multidimensional screening of volatile substances. Highly selective detectors make the taste-giving components understandable and enable their exact analysis. Thanks to a specific headspace technology combined with fully automated processes, Protiscan™ can identify, quantify and cluster key properties of protein sources.

“Taste forms the key component for the success of products using alternative, plant-based proteins. Protiscan™ provides crucial targeted intelligence that Symrise can offer manufacturers looking to understand and satisfy the changing attitudes that are driving a plant-forward future,” says Lars Grohmann, Master Technologist at the Symrise Research Center. “Protiscan™ enables Symrise to provide manufacturers with valuable information to accelerate their product development process and create food and beverages with the taste that the consumers of tomorrow will prefer.”

Symrise ProtiScan