Orange the world

A shared apartment, four roommates and a party. One ingredient that’s always around: the multitalented orange.

The right people have come together. Tom, Nang, Ramon and Olivia get along perfectly as roommates in the city. They spend a lot of time together and love sharing their meals, starting with breakfast. Ramon, from Brazil, makes by far the most delicious home-pressed orange juice. He got his secret tip from his grandmother: juicy oranges and a dash of coconut syrup. Simply delicious! An occasional glass in the morning provides a boost of vitamin C, and also puts you in a good mood.

The British love orange juice. 27 percent of them drink it every day. 30 percent of Americans drink it several times a week.
Brazil leads the world rankings. More than half of all processed oranges (55 percent) come from Brazil. Next on the list rank the USA and China.
... of oranges were consumed worldwide in 2017. That represents an increase of two percent as compared with the previous year.
Symrise calls its concept that way. It describes the completely transparent value chain of the company’s orange production.
... come from oranges that Symrise uses worldwide. They range from various juices to peel oils, fruit cells and naturally isolated flavor components.

Everyone’s free tonight – the perfect chance for a little roommate party. Tom, Nang, Ramon and Olivia enjoy their time together. They like to relate stories from their youth and exchange family recipes. Tonight, they plan to cook together – dishes from the places they come from. Olivia feels eager to bake her delicious orange muffins. She bought all ingredients at the local market. And since she likes to know where the products come from, she always buys her fruit from a fruit seller named Asal. The oranges smell incredibly fragrant. This matches the motto for the evening: “exotic orange.”

... exist in 150 species. Oranges belong to them. And they offer a huge diversity: Farmers grow at least 250 varieties of the popular fruit commercially worldwide.
Symrise uses D-limonene from the orange peel, to produce refreshing and cooling ingredients, among other things, thus contributing to greater sustainability.
Since 2005, the World’s Original Marmalade Award has taken place in the UK, where a jury presents an award for the best orange marmalade.
... from oranges? Actually, orange wine is a white wine that is produced like a red wine. It comes with a dark yellow to orange color and usually looks somewhat cloudy.
Jampui Hills, Northern India: Every year in November, a kind of thanksgiving is held in cultivation areas to honor the orange and the gifts of nature.

Cleaning and tidying up. This presents a constant issue in the shared apartment and everyone has their own opinion. And for the party, everything should look sparkling clean. According to the cleaning schedule, it’s Tom’s turn to do the kitchen. His approach: Low effort, high impact. Ever since he can remember he read that citrus fruits in cleaning products act as absolute dirt destroyers. He insists on using them always. Also because of their fresh and energizing smell. Nang thinks so, too. For her, the scent diffusers with orange fragrance in the bathroom deliver the ultimate freshness kick and round off the freshness of a shower. So, Tom, roll up your sleeves and get going on that dirt!

... from oranges deliver an oxidative effect, allowing them to dissolve even heavy soiling.
... ago - this long ago, farmers south of the Himalayas, in southern China and in Malaysia, cultivated oranges for the first time.
... researchers at the University of Minho in Portugal have developed a very special kind of technology. The cotton fabric releases a lemon scent as soon as it comes into contact with sweat.
... of oranges contribute to producing a wide variety of Symrise products over several processing steps that go into beverages, sweets, perfumes and household cleaners.

During a party, everyone wants to feel good and each roommate has their own way of preparing for the evening. Cosmetics and personal care constitute definitely a big part of this. Personal care products and eau de toilette with a touch of orange blossom belong to the absolute bestsellers. Olivia loves them in all kinds of things. Ramon wants to impress Olivia and uses a body lotion with orange blossom oil, vetiver and cedar. That and his orange shirt radiate Latin flair and also create a bit of a vacation mood.

... often create a sense of well-being and can improve one’s mood. The online platform Fragrantica, for example, offers over 800 perfumes from the citrus fragrance family in its database.
... from the Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) is also used for flavoring food. In addition to this, it is especially common in fragrance oils, perfumes and body lotions. The oil can be extracted from almost all parts of the plant.
Orange often serves as trendy color for clothing and nail polish. And it always enjoys popularity as the color of summer freshness.
The orange raw materials Symrise uses come from 12 countries – from Brazil to Mexico, the USA, Spain, Italy and South Africa.
... of all products at Symrise contain traces of orange, even if they smell or taste differently.

There’s time to quickly put up some decorations and then things are ready to go. Tom, Nang, Ramon and Olivia feel in a party mood already. “Quiéreme Mientras Se Pueda” by Manuel Turizo is playing and Nang is already swaying his hips. The lot has mixed cocktails with a touch of bitter orange and Olivia has served her muffins. Nang has just whipped up an Asian salad with kumquats as his contribution to the “exotic orange” evening – it happened in the blink of an eye. The mood is building: Let’s party!

... without waste: make a spiral peel from start to finish without any breaks and the cocktail decoration is ready, too.
... enjoy great popularity, from bitter oranges in “adult” lemonades to blood oranges in mixed beer drinks.
... with orange scent. Simply put a tea light in a hollowed-out fruit or fill the fruit with wax and use the white strand from the middle of the fruit as a wick.
... take dried orange peel and infuse it with hot water and drink a cup of it after having your meal. Avoid to let it steep too long or it’ll get bitter!
Every year in the northern Italian city of Ivrea, things get slushy 40 days before Easter. Locals throw oranges at each other in a contest.