trendscope™ decodes trends for the food and beverage industry

Translating consumer trends as key drivers for innovation

What do consumers want? Which macrotrends shape consumer packaged goods? How does the current polycrisis affect preferences and buying patterns? What’s the future for taste, nutrition & health?

Today’s consumers expect a lot from the food and beverage products they choose. They are looking for options that are sustainable, healthy, tasty and much more. But how do these expectations translate into consumer trends, what do these trends mean for the food and beverage industry and how can we best respond?

With trendscope™ we identify and decode the latest consumer trends and investigate how they drive innovation in food and beverage products. We use these insights to translate consumer trends into innovative food and beverage concepts with inspiring taste, nutrition and health solutions to contribute to the development of consumer preferred products.

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What is trendscope

What is trendscopeTM

trendscope™ is our proprietary trend tool

trendscope™ links shifts in society (megatrends) to current consumer needs and wants (consumer trends) and shows what this means for food and beverage categories. It combines different methods of analysis: qualitative research, quantitative research and a global urban hot spot analysis.

Symrise insight experts and trend scouts across the globe identified 5 megatrends that will drive innovation:

  • Purposeful Sustainability
  • Natural Goodness
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Emotional Discoveries
  • Premium Indulgence

In addition, Digitalization was examined as an underlying lifestyle trend that affects consumer behaviors and the food and beverage industry.

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Below infographic summarizes what trendscope™ is, what the latest food and beverage consumer trends are and how Symrise can support manufacturers to respons to these trends with the right food and beverage products.

For more details, please feel free to download our free white paper. It will provide you with more detailed information about the trends like definitions and product examples.

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