Our novel approach enables research-driven product development in alternative protein applications for the food and beverage industry.

The market for meat and dairy alternatives is growing rapidly. A wide range of protein sources, raw materials, technical and sensory characteristics have created a very challenging area for good-tasting product developments.

Symrise ProtiScan™ offers our customers an analytical approach for the understanding and the assessment of alternative protein sources and applications. Linking protein insights sensory and consumer-driven data allows Symrise to develop predictive models, resulting in efficient product development for our customers, through well-suited and well-performing solutions.


Rapid protein off-flavor monitoring

Flavor Release

Optimization via specific headspace technology

Data & analysis

Sensory characteristics identification using analytical fingerprints

The ProtiScan™ approach

We want to enable our customers to create great tasting products with alternative proteins. For this, we are using unique and best-performing analytical tools for the assessment of raw materials, processes and applications for the monitoring and management of

  • Flavor release
  • Flavor performance 
  • Volatile (and non-volatile) off-notes

Advanced Ion Mobility Spectrometry provides fast, detailed data about the off-notes. By assessing the protein’s sensory qualities, we can recommend different ways to influence the taste for a flavorsome product that keeps consumers’ coming back for more. 

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Plant proteins are gaining momentum. Soy, pea, mycoprotein, algae … The list is growing fast. Whether driven by health concerns, the environment or animal welfare, many consumers want to embrace plant-based protein in its many shapes and sizes. Yet, each source comes with a very different taste profile, attributes, and advantages.

How do you pick the right one for your product? Most importantly, how can you ensure that it goes the extra taste mile? All this as quickly as possible to keep up and seize opportunities in a fast-moving market. This makes the plant-based challenge seem daunting.

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Your key benefits of ProtiScan™ at a glance

Customers can benefit from our novel approach for research-driven product development. It helps them create alternative protein applications for foods and beverages that consumers love.

ProtiScan™ offers a very powerful tool for the off-note and flavor investigation of alternative protein products.

Enables essential processes for the efficient creation of successful products, such as complexity reduction and smart approaches.

Analyses technical and sensory properties during product development to tailor solution to product requirements.

Rebalancing off notes and flavor release to enable well performing products.

Artificial intelligence and predictive modelling applied to provide future fit solutions.

Quickly obtain sensory data for diverse plant proteins with smart approaches based on innovative technologies.

Taste forms the key component to the success of products using alternative, plant-based proteins. Protiscan provides crucial targeted intelligence that Symrise can offer manufacturers looking to understand and satisfy the changing attitudes that are driving a plant-forward future.Lars Grohmann, Advanced Lab Technician, Plant Protein - Research & Technology

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