January 2020

Corporate | Financial January 20, 2020

Michael König appointed to Symrise Supervisory Board

— Dr. Thomas Rabe left the Supervisory Board at his own request on 31 December 2019

— New member Michael König has extensive experience in various leadership roles

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Corporate | Financial | Sustainability January 20, 2020

Symrise receives top score of A in international climate protection rating

— Prestigious nonprofit organization CDP awards Symrise highest ranking

— Key climate figures from the Holzminden-based Group among the best of more than 8,400 analyzed companies from around the world

— Symrise reduces greenhouse gas emissions by one-third ahead of schedule

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February 2020

A rating from CDP

Corporate | Financial | Sustainability February 3, 2020

Symrise receives international “A” rating from CDP for outstanding environmental protection

— Water rating from CDP awards Symrise a place on the non-profit organization’s prestigious A-list

— Forest protection measures also recognized with a “Leadership A-” rating

— Leading position in the three CDP rating categories of climate, water and forests

— Performance among the best of more than 8,400 companies reporting worldwide

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Nutrition | Scent and Care | Corporate February 5, 2020

Care products for cats and dogs fulfill scent preferences of both pets and their owners for the first time

— Scent and pet experts join forces for unique scent and care solutions fostering pet approved fragrances

— Symrise Consumer Fragrance and Diana Pet Food’s expert brand Odalia working together

— Worldwide market launch for shampoo solutions planned for 2020

— Unique and industry disruptive

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March 2020

Symrise successfully continues profitable growth

Corporate | Financial March 10, 2020

Symrise successfully continues profitable growth

— Group sales in reporting currency up 8.0 % to € 3,408 million

— 5.7 % organic sales growth

— Increase in operating result (EBITDA(N)) by 12.2 % to over € 707 million

— EBITDA(N) margin up to 20.8 %

— Normalized net income for fiscal year rises by 10.2 % to over € 304 million

— Dividend increase from € 0.90 to € 0.95 per share proposed

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Corporate March 19, 2020

Symrise postpones Annual General Meeting 2020

— Annual General Meeting planned for 06 May 2020 in Holzminden postponed

— Decision due to the progression of the corona pandemic

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Corporate March 20, 2020

Symrise statement on the corona situation

Dear Partners and Friends of Symrise,

The corona pandemic presents us with a challenging environment worldwide. Symrise is closely monitoring the development of the COVID 19 situation and its impact on various aspects of its business.

At the moment, all of Symrise's production sites are continuing to operate, even in the so called hot spots. We experience some...

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April 2020

Flavor | Corporate April 1, 2020

Symrise joins KitchenTown Berlin, supporting food start-ups with expert knowledge

— Combined know-how to help shape a sustainable food system

— Food and taste experts support start-ups

— Unique collaboration to accelerate innovation cycle


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January 30, 2020

Information regarding plastic packaging



March 3, 2020

Global Animal Testing Policy



Financial Report 2019

March 10, 2020

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