Two years after the major wave of immigration, integration is part of everyday business at Symrise

It’s been exactly two years since the major wave of refugees coming into Germany reached its peak. That’s not long ago, considering what the German economy has achieved since then in terms of integration of the people who had fled war and destruction in their home countries. Symrise, along with 200 other companies in Germany, works with refugees as part of the “Wir zusammen” (“Us together”) network. The member companies offer a variety of assistance programs, from entry qualifications and internship or trainee positions to practical assistance with learning the language. This would be impossible without the participation of our motivated executives and employees, who are dedicated to working with refugees.

“In many different areas of the company, including our workshops, logistics and key central areas at Symrise, we have provided 35 young refugees from different nations with career orientation in the form of an internship. We worked with local continued education centers and the job center to make this program possible. We have just offered a young man from Iran an employment contract. Once Mr. Hamed Mohammadi has completed his language training course, he will begin an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic. This is one example of successful integration,” explained Dr. Iñigo Natzel, Human Resources Director at Symrise AG.

The idea behind “Wir zusammen” is turning two. This initiative was developed in a dialogue between representatives from German companies in view of the large number of people arriving. The desire to help give refugees in Germany a new perspective for their life is still very much present.

Symrise AG, based in Holzminden, is a member of “Wir zusammen” and has been working to offer measures for professional orientation since the wave of refugees coming into the country began.

One of the most important aims of “Wir zusammen” continues to be motivating additional companies to start their own projects. The example set by Symrise shows that refugees, companies and society all benefit from these initiatives. Symrise has enhanced awareness of the issue of professional and societal integration among its workforce through its commitment.

Harald Gabriel, Tesium Werkstätten, und Hamed Mohammadi, künftiger Auszubildender bei Symrise

Harald Gabriel, Hamed Mohammadi

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