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Symrise proudly green
— Taste solutions for veggie burgers and more – from typically meaty to aromatic veggie
— Proudly green: Symrise is expanding its palette with tonalities for emerging green product categories
— Comprehensive understanding of market products and consumers are key

Around the world, consumers want food and beverages with alternative proteins – and their desire keeps growing. Therefore, they are turning increasingly often to alternatives to meat and dairy products – both out of conviction and for health reasons. Symrise knows the taste preferences of meat lovers, flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans. The versatile taste solutions for products based on alternative proteins are based on this understanding, using the best of both nature and science.

Many consumers want to eat healthier and more sustainably. The consumption of alternative proteins has left its niche, and now numerous consumer groups around the world are turning to these “green variants.” It’s often also curiosity that drives people to try a vegan burger or plant-based sausage. After trying these products for the first time, the taste experience is decisive to determine whether this initial tasting will repeat itself. The trend experts from Mintel confirmed that 68 percent opt to try a product again because of the taste. Coming in a close second at 41 percent were consumers purchase decision is driven by the wish for more natural ingredients, while, for a further 35 percent, the deciding factor is the protein content. Therefore, sustainably enriching the menu and expanding it in the long run with tasty options requires new, unique taste experiences. From aromatic veggie to inspirations from ethnic cuisines – creativity and fantasy create appetite for more. This way, plant-based products get their very own authenticity, which craftfully accentuates the good taste of plants.

Using their in-depth know-how, the experts at Symrise have developed taste solutions for culinarily well-rounded and protein-rich products. The mission: Getting consumers to discover and develop their love of plant-based foods. The integrated Symrise solutions also manage to balance out off-notes, make plant-based products taste juicier and give them a preferred taste. To do so, Symrise uses the best natural raw materials from sustainable sources and relies on pure, natural ingredients from its code of nature® portfolio. This is also supported by the in-depth sensory understanding and technological know-how of Symrise. “Our innovative technologies are the source of gentle preparation processes that refine and release the authentic taste of nature,” explains Christopher Sabater, Director Technology Research at Symrise. “That’s what makes the taste offering of Symrise so special for customers and consumers.”

“Our global approach covers the entire taste range for alternative protein. This includes meat alternatives as well as plant-based products with their own authentic taste profile, dairy alternatives and drinks with nutritional added value,” explains Eva Scholten, Marketing Manager Culinary at Symrise.

Consumer focus on plant-based delights

Consumers have many different wishes when it comes to plant-based protein. “Newbies” among vegans and vegetarians look for plant-based alternatives that taste like ground beef, gyros or chicken nuggets. Flexitarians like both plant and animal protein and look to enrich their menu with tasty elements. They buy both meat and plant-based products from ethical production whenever possible In either case, the unique taste of both options is important to them, as is the variety in the culinary experience. For this, Symrise offers taste solutions for products with alternative protein across the whole spectrum, from a smoky meat note to the fresh taste of mint and spinach all the way to Thai styles.

“We combine our knowledge of alternative protein sources with our taste expertise, our understanding of recipes and comprehensive consumer data. From this combination, we develop and produce taste solutions for plant-based foods and beverages that consumers love. Furthermore, we help our customers to fulfill the consumer demand for well-being, naturalness and sustainability,” elaborates Scholten.

Studies in different countries confirm that this is a trend here to stay. As an example, 29 percent of Germans extend their food plan to include “green alternatives” and eat less meat because they want to protect the climate. And 41 percent of consumers in the United Kingdom want to eat less meat to benefit their well-being. Symrise provides its customers, with this valuable insight and analyzes consumer preferences for a new ‘Proudly Green’ product category in detail. This way, Symrise supports food manufacturers with both: knowledge of consumer preferences as well as the right taste for their products.