International Day for Biological Diversity
— Promotion of sustainable biodiversity initiatives on a global level
— Responsible procurement of biological resources through sustainable backward integration
— Biological diversity as basis of existence and cornerstone of Scent, Taste, Nutrition and Care
— Expansion of pioneering role in the protection of biodiversity and sustainable business activity

On the occasion of the International Day for Biological Diversity, Symrise is drawing attention to the relevance of biological diversity for nature, society and business. Symrise uses more than 10,000 natural raw materials for the nearly 30,000 products in its own business model. For this reason, the company is engaged in many nature-protecting initiatives on a global level and consistently drives sustainable backward integration for its own raw materials. Only intact ecosystems will continue to provide ingredients for Scent, Taste, Nutrition and Care in the future.

Three levels of biological diversity – genetic diversity, diversity of species and diversity of ecosystems and ecological processes – serve as the basis for a functioning balance of nature and also ensure the basis for life. A functioning ecosystem regulates the climate and water supply, forms healthy soil, and ensures intact nutrient cycles. This secures the basis for human life since nature provides food and biomass in the form of wood, fibers and medicinal substances, among other things.

Natural diversity as source of life and raw materials

Nature also supplies the basis for the entrepreneurial activity of Symrise. The company therefore needs and promotes biodiversity, together with the growers of its raw materials and various partner organizations. Around 10,000 raw materials, mostly from natural sources and from all regions of the world, attest to the relevance of a high level of long-term diversity as well as the ecological benefits of nature for Symrise. High species diversity also goes hand in hand with a high level of diversity of natural substances. Together with intact ecosystems, these offer innovative potential for research in the quest for inspiring fragrances, flavors and functional ingredients. The species diversity associated with biochemical diversity thus also serves as a source of inspiration for Symrise. The biodiversity that has not yet been explored promises many more taste, olfactory and functional inspirations for Scent, Taste, Nutrition and Care.

“We look at sustainability and economic success as one and the same thing,” says Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Bertram, CEO of Symrise AG. “We must protect our environment and the climate better to ensure the success of our company today and tomorrow. At the same time, we can only act sustainably if we act in an economically successful way. Both topics are firmly intertwined for us.”

Promoting and strategically anchoring biodiversity

Symrise targets the promotion of biodiversity because of its relevance and has integrated this approach into its business activities. To this end, the company enters strategic partnerships and promotes biodiversity initiatives with civil society, scientific organizations and businesses around the world. These initiatives are intended to promote the sustainable use of nature and biodiversity. The World Business Council For Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and One Planet Business for Biodiversity (OP2B) are among the partners providing support.

“The preservation of biological diversity is one of our highest priorities,” explains Bernhard Kott, Chief Sustainability Officer at Symrise. “We use an enormous amount of raw materials from nature and rely on backward integration. We want to obtain 90 % of our procurement volume from verified sustainable sources by 2025. We also want to make our strategic raw materials completely traceable. We have been committed to this for years, also directly in the countries of origin.”

Numerous measures demonstrate this commitment. For example, Symrise promotes deforestation-free supply chains and reforestation projects such as one in Madagascar. Also in Madagascar and in the Amazon, Symrise promotes backward integration and investment in more sustainable supply chains.

Further information and reports on biodiversity and sustainability are available in the company’s current online Corporate Report: